Cost Recovery Impact Statements

Commonwealth Government agencies with significant cost recovery arrangements are required to publish approved Cost Recovery Impact Statements (CRIS). The purpose of the CRIS below is to demonstrate the Department's compliance with the Australian Government's Cost Recovery Guidelines.

The Department has authority to cost recover from a range of activities. These include:

  • Provision of certification for Australian Bird and Bat Banding;
  • Issuance of specialised fuel importation permits;
  • Management of the international movement of Hazardous Waste;
  • Issuance of permits and compliance checks of gas pollutants;
  • Issuance of sea dumping permits;
  • Issuance of Water Efficiency Labels and management of water efficiency standards;
  • Issuance of permits for exportation of native wildlife; and
  • Assessment of applications for the accreditation of voluntary product stewardship arrangements.


Departmental Cost Recovery Impact Statements

Portfolio Agencies' Cost Recovery Impact Statements