Indexed lists of files 2013

Environment and related Portfolio agencies incorporating:

  1. Department of the Environment
  2. Bureau of Meteorology
  3. Director National Parks
  4. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  5. Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
  6. Murray Darling Basin Authority
  7. Standing Council on Environment and Water (SCEW)
  8. National Water Commission

Arrangement of file listings

In accordance with the terms of the Senate Order the following files have been excluded:

  • case related files;
  • files related to internal administration of the Department (eg. staff and personnel matters, property management, finance);
  • cabinet related material.

Individual words or portions of a title replaced with * have been deleted due to:

  • commercially confidential information; or
  • identifiable personal information

Files created between 1 July - 31 December 2013


Files created between 1 January - 30 June 2013