About the Graduate Programme

Clean air; Clean land; Clean water; National heritage. These four pillars underpin the Department of the Environment’s delivery of the Australian Government’s environmental policy initiatives. Our portfolio responsibilities are high profile, diverse and interesting. We are passionate about developing our staff in order to deliver sustainable work programmes that span environmental regulation, programme delivery and scientific research.

Indigenous Stream

Create your career footprint at Environment! We are committed to improving employment opportunities, experiences and outcomes for Indigenous Australians in the Australia Public Service. We are seeking Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander candidates from a range of disciplines who are motivated to further their careers while contributing to the Australian community.

Photo: © Johnny Bulun Bulun/Licensed by Viscopy, 2015

Graduate Stream

Our graduate stream is designed for candidates from all types of disciplines who want to work in a diverse and exciting portfolio. Our Programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge that places you in a competitive position within the Department and the Australian Public Service.

Benefits and Rotations

Photo of 2012 Graduates

Our Graduate Programme combines the Indigenous and Graduate streams to offer numerous benefits, the biggest being an introduction to the APS in a genuinely caring and supportive environment. Our Programme has a great retention rate, with a high percentage of our graduates continuing their careers with us many years after they have completed their graduate year. Our graduates stay with us because of the interesting work, excellent work/life balance and a diverse and exciting work culture the Department offers.

Recruitment and How to Apply

Applications for the 2017 Graduate Programme will open in February/March 2016.