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The Department of the Environment (the Department) uses a range of social media channels to communicate, listen and share information with the public.

Before you engage with us through our social media channels, we encourage you to read our Social Media disclaimer.

The Department's social media accounts aim to:

  • distribute news, announcements, activities, event notices and updates from the department
  • highlight relevant initiatives and activities initiated by the department, committees, government agencies and other organisations
  • listen and monitor community feedback regarding the department's policies, activities and initiatives
  • selectively convene or participate in discussions on issues and topics within the department's areas of responsibly

The Department of the Environment and associated portfolio agencies have a range of online spaces in which you can connect with us to stay in touch.


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You are reminded that all forms of social media (YouTube, Twitter, blogs and Flickr) are public spaces on the internet and most interactions are publicly viewable and searchable over time.

Will you respond to my comments and questions?

Unfortunately the department is not always able to respond to individual comments or questions. If a question, theme or topic is raised frequently the department will aim to provide a response.

As social media is considered a less formal communication all interaction within these channels should be considered as informal.

How do I contact the department to make a formal or written enquiry?

If you have an enquiry or want to raise an issue or concern with the department please contact the Community Information Unit (CIU) 1800 803 772 or email The CIU will work with the relevant officers in the department to respond to your query.  At times they may also put you in direct contact with staff within the department to handle your enquiry or concern directly.

If you have a media query, you should contact the media team at