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Air quality

Clean Air Research Program


Conservation covenants

Invasive species

Migratory species

Recovery plans

Threat abatement plans

Wildlife corridors

Wildlife trade

The Biodiversity Toolbox for Local Government

Threatened species and ecological communities

Coasts and oceans


Report Series - Commonwealth Coastal Action Program

Australia's oceans policy

The following information was prepared for the Australian Government to facilitate consultation for the development of Australia's Oceans Policy:

The Background and Issues Papers below were commissioned by the Australian Government to assist with consultation on the development of Australia's Oceans Policy.

Australia's Oceans Policy - Background Papers

Australia's Oceans Policy - Issues Papers

Marine bioregional planning

Marine species

Seals and sea lions




Ecologically sustainable development

National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development

Productivity Commission inquiries

Inquiry into the Implementation of Ecologically Sustainable Development by Commonwealth Departments and Agencies:

Inquiry into Ecologically Sustainable Land Management:

Headline Sustainability Indicators



Significant impact guidelines

EPBC Act policy statements

Bilateral Agreements

Independent review

Environmental Economics Research Papers

Environmental Economics Seminar Series

Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN)

Fuel quality

Setting national fuel quality standards

Reducing pollution from motor vehicles

Diesel/Biodiesel publications

Ethanol publications


Clean fuels bulletin




Human settlements

International activities


Australian Vegetation Information

Grassland conservation and management

Monitoring biodiversity condition

The June 2006 special issue of Ecological Management and Restoration  contains 21 articles on vegetation condition mapping and assessment. This issue was produced following a CSIRO workshop on this issue in August 2005, part-sponsored by the Department of Environment and Heritage.

The following reports were produced by Environment Australia and the first National Land and Water Resources Audit (1997-2002) project as part of the Audit's Theme 3: National Vegetation Information System.


State of the Environment reporting

State of the Environment 1996


Waste and recycling


Commonwealth Environmental Water Office

Annual plans - Commonwealth environmental water use options

Annual reports

Business plans


Outcomes reports

International Year of Freshwater - 2003

Newsletters, magazines and bulletins