Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

How to use this tool

This interactive map shows the name and location of projects of interest along with additional information about the project and links to relevent websites. Please ensure that javascript and popups are enabled on your web browser.

When the map first starts the grey markers indicate the general location of projects. Click on a grey marker once to zoom in and see projects in that area.

To see project details
Move mouse over a coloured marker and a summary appears at the foot of the page. Click on the marker to see details in a balloon or popup window.

To map projects by category
Click check boxes at right to select categories, then click the 'Submit' button to display projects that meet your search criteria.

Navigating the map
Use mouse scroll-wheel to zoom in or out. Double-click to zoom in. To pan around the map, hold down left mouse button and move mouse. You can also use the 'Place' field at top right to search for projects at a particular location. Click 'Reset' to zoom out to show all projects.

Make sure popups and javascript are enabled on your browser. Click the 'Reset' button or refresh the page if the map is not responding.