On-line reporting of banded birds and bats

You can use this form to report the recovery of a banded bird or bat banded with an ABBBS band. The ABBBS will send you a written report giving all of the banding details. If you are not sure if you have an ABBBS band, please go to Bird and Bat Bands for more information. If you think you may have a band used by Pigeon Racers and Breeders, please go to Domestic and Pigeon Bands for more information.

If you are not sure about the points above, please contact us.

Please fill in as much of the following information as you can, then press the SEND button to submit your report to the ABBBS.

1. Band number:

(Prefix-suffix - the suffix is always the last five digits. eg 190-12345)

2. Species (if known)

3. Colour marks (if any):

(eg Left leg: orange over white over orange, Right leg nothing over nothing over metal)

LEFT leg over over

RIGHT leg over over

4. Any additional colour marks (eg leg flags, wing tags, neck collars, nasal saddles etc):

5. Date of recovery:

Exact date known, Day: Month: Year:

Exact date not known, please give as much detail as possible:

6. How was the bird/bat/band obtained?

Found dead, cause unknown Washed up on the beach

Other, please give as much detail as possible:

7. What is the present condition of the bird/bat?

Dead Released alive Alive in captivity

Other - Please give as much detail as possible:

8. What has happened to the band since the encounter?

Removed Left on bird/bat Unknown

9. Where was the bird/bat/band found?

Local area/town/suburb: In State/Territory:

Which is: kilometres of (nearest town)

Australia New Zealand Papua New Guinea


Your name:

Address 1:

Address 2:

City/town/suburb: State:

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