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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

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Home State

New South Wales


University of New South Wales
Charles Sturt University


M (Environmental Management)
BA (Television Production)


I have always maintained a keen interest in the natural world and environmental protection, so I am pleased to have developed this interest into a career.

After completing a BA I accepted a job at SBS-TV in Sydney. After time at SBS I realized that the confines of the television studio was not for me so I purchased a video camera and joined the digital revolution in attempting to merge my developing interests in environment management with skills in video production. I became involved in the production of videos on subjects ranging from improved public transport in Sydney to Nam Theun 2 in Laos.

This was followed by an overly long diversion in the self-absorbed world of the film-industry where I worked on a variety of films from the Matrix to low-budget feature films yet to emerge from the cutting room as well as several short-films, commercials and documentaries. Needing some perspective on this I travelled to South America through Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina where I gained an appreciation of the opportunities and resources available for environmental conservation in Australia.

Wanting to pursue this interest professionally I returned to Sydney to begin a Masters in Environmental Management at the University of New South Wales while working at the New South Wales Environment Protection Agency and later an environmental consultancy.

I would highly recommend the Graduate program as it offers a variety of interesting work experiences, an excellent overview of environmental and heritage issues in Australia as well as comprehensive training in environmental management.

First placement

1. Natural Resource Management Programs Division/Australian Government Natural Resource Management Team/New South Wales Team. Main tasks include:

Second placement

2. Land, Water Coasts Division/ Coasts and Water Branch/ Water Policy

Third placement

3. Parks Australia North, Christmas Island

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'