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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.



Home State



University of Queensland


BSc (Hons), PhD


A mathematician by training, I've worked in the private sector, doing R&D for software startup companies in bioinformatics and aerospace, in Queensland and Europe. Wanting to apply modelling and analytical skills in a new context - and keen to do something useful to help address global climate change issues - I joined the Australian Greenhouse Office as part of the Department. This was despite repeated warnings about the Canberra winters… brrr… and the fact the job involves keeping hours not usually associated with computer Programrs, i.e. starting work at (or before) 9 am…

First placement

International, Land and Analysis Division, Emissions Analysis Team, Projections Unit.

Second placement

International, Land and Analysis Division/National Strategies Team.

The main task of my second rotation was to assist preparation of the 4th National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This document represents the formal and official snapshot of what Australia is doing about climate change and is prepared every four years, for delivery to the UN.  This National Communication is not only an important obligation under the Convention, but an opportunity for Australia to demonstrate the breadth of our efforts to tackle climate change. This task involved gathering information and drafting the updated "National Circumstances" chapter, which outlines the distinctive circumstances that help define Australia's stance on international climate change measures.  This helped me appreciate how unusual Australia's economic and geographical predicament is - we are unique among the industrialised countries of the world, occupying a starkly different set of circumstances to those of European countries. As well as drafting the chapter, my job included consulting over its content with other key government departments and organisations, including DFAT, DITR, BoM and ABARE (public servants get used to acronyms very quickly!), and with major industry groups in the community.

Apart from working on the National Communication to the UN, my broader job involved coordinating an AGO -wide input to the 2005/6 Department's Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan and to several electoral briefs. I also helped coordinate AGO input to and attendance at Senate Estimates hearings and prepared the National Strategies Team's response to a Senate Estimates Question on Notice.

On a lighter note, I also prepared and delivered the presentation on the National Strategies Team's operations to the International, Land & Analysis branch, themed on the Goodies' motto of "We Do Anything, Anytime", and coordinated a weekly average of 2 ministerials ("purple bundles of joy").

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'