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Macquarie University


Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws


I was brought up in Sydney but always had an appreciation for the Australian landscape beyond the big smoke. Being a keen horse rider I spent a lot of time outdoors and most weekends involved traversing the country side with my mum and horse in tow to local and rural competitions.

I became interested in the environment while at uni after I began volunteering with green groups. As part of my legal studies I took various environmental law and public interest law courses and became interested in how resources are managed and allocated. I also became involved at the Centre for Environmental Law as a research assistant.

My volunteer activities with the green movement led to part time work while I finished uni. I began working for an environmental consultant and became involved with the campaigns and activities of various environment groups. I felt that I wanted to be involved in work that recognised the environment as an integral concern to all aspects of business.

After uni I worked at the Environmental Defenders Office, a not-for-profit community legal centre specialising in public interest environmental law. I worked in both the legal and policy areas for 5 months before embarking on a 3 month backpacking caper around Europe prior to commencing work at the Department.

Having grown up in Sydney, the congested urban landscape was starting to lose its appeal and after finishing uni I was looking to move interstate for work. The experience I gained from work and study, and my interest in public and environmental advocacy, led me to pursue a role with the Department.


First Placement:

Fuel and Used Oil Policy Section, Environment Quality Division

This section is responsible for developing and implementing fuel quality standards under the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000. This responsibility includes among other things, close liaison with the fuels industry, academia and other Government agencies to develop and set policy on fuel standards, and managing issues which arise in relation to current fuel standards including petrol, automotive diesel, biodiesel and autogas.

My role within the team was to progress the development of the Transport Energy Road Map. This project was to support the development of alternative transport fuel policy by the Department of Energy, Tourism and Resources.
During my rotation I had the opportunity to:

Second Placement:

Antarctic Territories, Environment and Treaty Section, Australian Antarctic Division

I was very fortunate to be sent to the AAD in Tasmania for my second rotation. Australia's Antarctic environmental policies and practices are underpinned by a complex framework of legislative and administrative requirements, principally led by programs conducted by the AAD.

My responsibilities at the Antarctic Territories, Environment and Treaty Section included:

Through this work I gained experience in the legal obligations and policy procedures for drafting legislative instruments, and broadened my internal and external network of working relationships.

Third Placement:

Compliance Section, Approvals and Wildlife Division

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 Compliance Sections are responsible for compliance and enforcement matters relating to matters of national environmental significance. The framework for protection under the Act includes a broad range of enforcement mechanisms for managing suspected or identified instances of non-compliance and for reviewing the compliance of referred projects.

My rotation was in Compliance Section 2 which deals with matters arising in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, and External Territories. My responsibilities involved:

This rotation provided the opportunity to represent the work area and engage directly with stakeholders. In particular I participated in site inspections to assist with investigations for potential contraventions of the Act.

Final Placement:

Legal Section, Strategic Advice Branch, Policy Coordination Division

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'