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New South Wales


Bachelor of Arts
Majors: European History, Sociology
Other areas of study: Heritage Conservation, Art History, Museum Studies, Forensics, Biology and Psychology

Master of Cultural Heritage


Before joining DEWHA as a graduate I taught English in Poland and Korea for two years. I have also worked at Centrelink and the NSW Attorney General’s Office, and as a volunteer guide in art galleries and on council heritage projects.


First Placement

Cultural Property Section, Culture Division

During this rotation I contributed to the review of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act (1986). This was an excellent place for me to be introduced to the department and being given the chance to work on the review was great. The section and the work matched my background and interests, and I was able to meet with numerous industry professionals and stakeholders and get a good overall view of the administration of the Act, and of the operation of the Department.

My other tasks in this rotation included processing export permit applications, assisting in developing Ministerial briefs, drafting cables to the Australian High Commission in London, and helping to organise a public affairs event for the Minister to attend. The people in my section were wonderful and very helpful and supportive throughout the 14 weeks, making sure I was give lots of opportunities to perform interesting tasks and that I could meet all the Graduate objectives.

Second Placement

National Landscapes Program, Parks Australia Division

My second rotation was in Parks Australia, working on the National Landscapes program. In this rotation I did some travel, and got to liaise with other governmental departments in regards to tourism in Australia. Second rotation was when Graduates get to organise their field trip as part of their Project Management certification, so I spent a large amount of time researching for this, and working with my group to coordinate the trip.

Third Placement

Heritage projects, Heritage Division

My third rotation was in the Heritage Projects section of the Department. Under the 2009 JobsFund, $60 million was provided to assist in restoring Heritage places around the country, and this section manages the grants and contracts for those projects. I was managing 19 projects which was really interesting and was great experience in contract management, with an interesting topic area. I talk to the groups doing the works quite a bit, lots of local historical societies and the like, which is quite fun as they're all so excited to have gotten funding. As well as this, I developed a new program to replace an old grants program, which involved writing guidelines, coming up with a name and getting the Minister to approve the program. It also involved liaising heavily with Parliamentary Services and Public Affairs in order to get approval and to advertise the new program. The people I worked with were very supportive and the section as a whole was great.

Final Placement

Heritage projects, Heritage Division

My final position is in Cultural Property, where my first rotation was. I will be working on cultural policy and the Australian Government's position in relation to two UNESCO Conventions, as well as the administration of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'