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Flinders University


Degree in International Studies (Honours)

Majors: International Relations & Globalisation


I have a varied background with a number of years of work experience. I am originally from Adelaide, where I practiced as a registered nurse. I have travelled extensively and lived in Sydney for a time. In the mid 1990's I changed careers to the hospitality industry, where in partnership with my husband owned a 13 roomed guest house with a 60 seat restaurant in the very small heritage listed town of Mintaro. (Clare Valley where the best Riesling and Shiraz is made) After going through a very amicable divorce, I felt the need to do something that I have always wanted to do and that was to return to study, completing a degree in International Studies (Hons) in 2007. It has been the best decision I have made and now I am living here in Canberra with my 17 year old son, both very happy with the way our lives are progressing.


First Placement

Renewable Energy Division (REED) - Greenhouse Challenge Plus and Energy Efficiency for Small-Medium Businesses (SME's)

This section was in transition. Greenhouse Challenge Plus was winding up, while Energy Efficiency for SME's was just commencing. My primary task was writing the Project Plan for the rebate section of the new program. I was also responsible for doing an assessment and writing a report on what was already available for SME's on the internet and as well as what was being provided by State Governments, other countries and NGO's.

Skills learnt: project management skills, program development and implementation, report writing and how to run brainstorming sessions.

Second Placement

Water Reform - Coorong Taskforce

This was going from the calm to the storm. This section is very busy and interesting. It covers a number of very topical and important issues that are regularly covered in the media and required information to be provided to two Ministers. There is a great deal of stakeholder involvement with communication between many different government departments, the Murray Darling Basin Authority, communities, farmers, irrigators and many other individuals. The learning curve was large, but exciting and the experience gained in the section was great.

Skills learnt: Writing question time and ministerial briefs, replying for the department to various correspondence, writing and updating status report, writing the schedule for a Funding Deed and doing the project plan for this deed. The main thing I gained from this experience was an understanding of the incredible difficulties being faced by the Murray Darling Basin, the Goolwa Channel and the Lower Lakes and that there is no easy solution to the problems being faced.

Third Placement

Water Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme - Expansion

This section to my surprise was the best of my 3 rotations. My supervisor and the director of this section was very knowledgeable  and experienced and didn't hesitate in passing on his expertise and knowledge. The WELS scheme was to undergo a review and I was very involved in the commencement of this process. I was also involved in a number of reports being compiled on products that were possibly going to be placed on the Expansion list. There were a large number of reports done by consultants to read, analyse and critique. Comments were to be provided and discussed with the consultants. Stakeholder involvement was crucial in this section and  provided oppportunities to further develop my communication skills. There were also a large number of ministerials and minutes that had to be written. This section was very busy, interesting and had a wonderful supportive staff. Great rotation.

Skills learnt: Further development in writing skills with ministerials, minutes and QTBs. Understanding the process for review of a policy and the actions applied. Further development of problem solving skills, proof reading and communication skills.

Final Placement

Back to my first rotation - Smart Business Energy Team

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'