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Home State

Southport, Queensland


University of Newcastle


Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)


I was born in Southport Queensland and lived there briefly before my parents heard the sweet sound of cockroaches calling and headed south to Newcastle, N.S.W where I was raised from a young age.

I found that my degree placed constraints on the creativity of my work and was dissatisfied with creating work for clients that was bland and boring. I went out and looked for work where ever I could that meant not working as a graphic designer. I was privileged enough to obtain a position within DEWHA and have loved the opportunities given to me.


First Placement

Indigenous Visual Arts Section

The Indigenous Visual Arts section is responsible for the running of the National Arts and Craft Industry Support (NACIS) program within the department. NACIS is a funding program that gives Indigenous art centres the financial means to remain operational and create opportunities for Indigenous Australians in the continuation of Australia's most popular contemporary art movement. During my work in this section I conducted assessments of funding requests from art centres to establish if the activity they seeked funding for was warranted. I was also responsible for researching the effectiveness of past and present authenticity labeling schemes both in Australia and Internationally. My findings will assist the Government in any future decisions around this issue. I thoroughly enjoyed this rotation.

Second Placement

Parks Australia North- Policy and Services

My current rotation is in the Policy and Services section of Parks Australia North. Our section oversees all of the policy and services to some of the main national parks in Australia, including Kakadu and Uluru. I am located in Kakadu and am currently doing a comprehensive stock take and review of the signage within the park. That requires me getting outdoors and seeing all the sites during work hours! On top of this stock take I am going to be responsible for assisting the interperpretive area work on the re-branding of the park, which is a great thing to be involved with.

Third Placement

People Management Branch

The majority of my final rotation with the People Management Branch was dedicated to the development of the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park Pilot Cultural Appreciation Program.

In order to develop the most comprehensive program, I was privileged enough to go to Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and consult with senior Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people. This consultation process was a very unique opportunity for me and I was able to establish what I believe will be a very beneficial ongoing reciprocal relationship with the traditional owners of the park.

Part of this process also involved going out on country with traditional owners and learning more about Tjukurpa. (Chook-oor-pah) Tjukurpa is the past, the present and the future, and governs every aspect of behaviour - the relationship between people, plants and animals, and the physical features of the land and how it is used.

All of this valuable information I have been privileged with and have permission to use will be utilised in the cultural appreciation program and will help ensure new staff going into the Park have an easier transition into the park by the establishment of a mutual respect and understanding from the onset. Upon completion of our meeting the traditional owners stated 'we have been waiting for this for fourteen years.'

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'