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South Australia


Flinders University


Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Public Policy)
Adv. Dip. Entertainment Design (Film and Theatre)


I completed my Adv Dip Entertainment Design at AC ARTS in Adelaide. Whilst studying, I had the opportunity to assist with the interior redesign of the Vanuatu National Museum. I also worked as a scenic artist for Opera Australia, and for Jim Henson's Creature Shop. During my final year of design I decided that if I ever wanted to get a stable job (read: mortgage) I really should be looking elsewhere for the next 5 to 10 years. I went back to study at Flinders University with the narrow view of studying politics and public policy and joining the APS in an Arts agency. During my degree, however, the new government came to power and my three loves of arts, politics, and the environment came together in DEWHA. Upon completion of my studies I moved straight to Canberra to take up my position in the DEWHA graduate program.


First Placement

Historic Heritage South Section, Heritage Division

My first rotation was in the Heritage Division, in the Historic Heritage South Section. During this rotation, my primary task was to assist in the preliminary assessment of the National Heritage List nominations, the production and release of the publication, Building a Free Australia: The Places of Democracy. I also prepared continuous ministerial correspondence on a high profile heritage issue playing out between the Australian and State Governments.

Second Placement

Mining and Nuclear Section, Approvals and Wildlife Division

My second rotation was in the Mining and Nuclear Section. I chose this rotation partly because I am from South Australia and I knew the Section's work was concerned with the Environmental Impact Statement of the proposed Olympic Dam Mine expansion. I also chose this rotation as an opportunity to experience an area of work far removed from my background.

This Section sent me on a field trip to the mine site on my first week in the job and this gave me the opportunity to see the proposed expansion site on the ground and meet with key stakeholders from industry and governments across the country. I also contributed to the Section's ongoing assessments of other proposed uranium mines, including the well-publicised Four Mile Uranium Mine decision, as well as coal mines, iron ore mines, copper mines, sand mines, gold and silver mines, and quarries.

Third Placement

Environmental Water Policy Section, Water Governance Division

This Section develops frameworks that underpin the management of the Commonwealth environmental water holdings to maximise environmental outcomes, and communicate the activities of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder to key stakeholders.

In this rotation I contributed to the development of an Environmental Asset Register for the Murray-Darling Basin. Assisted with the finalisation of the Department's framework to prioritise environmental watering actions and supported the engagement of stakeholders in policy matters.

I chose my next rotation within the Water Group (for my permanent role) as I really enjoyed this last rotation in Environmental Water Policy and didn't want to venture too far from them!

Final Placement

Water Tender Section, Water Efficiency Division

My new home in Water Tenders is responsible for the water entitlement purchasing undertaken as part of the Restoring the Balance in the Murray-Darling Basin program. This requires the design, implementation and management of large tenders; data system and information management; and liaison with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder and Environmental Water Policy Section who ultimately make the decisions on where the purchased environmental water should be used.

On a broad level, the work of the Water Group requires a lot of crossover between Branches and Sections, which facilitates constant networking opportunities and this was appealing when considering my permanent position options. I also felt that the environmental water challenges the Water Group confronts are so critical to Australia's future that I could not imagine leaving them to work on other issues at this time.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'