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Bachelor of Communications (Creative Writing)
Bachelor of Communications (hons) (Creative Communication)


Born in Canberra and raised on the coast, Grant has always held a special place in his heart for the nation's capital: its icy winters, its sweeping vistas; its pre-disposition for buildings made of concrete and dark glass...

On completing his HSC Grant was accepted to the University of Canberra, and so he packed up and fled from the coast and its easy-going life style for the hustle and bustle of university life.

On completing his degrees Grant found himself accepted to the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts graduate program for 2009, and promptly did a celebratory dance involving two bottles of champagne and a certain statue in the Civic centre. If you get Grant as your Buddy he might just tell you which one...


First Placement

Graduate Management Team - People Management Branch

For his first rotation Grant was assigned to the GMT to assist the recruitment officer with the re-vamp of the Graduate Program website and the promotional materials used by the program, namely the re-vamping of handbooks and the development of a flashy new brochure. He garnered some excellent experiences working with internal and external stakeholders, learned about the amount of risk management that goes into something as simple as a brochure, travelled to Sydney to assist with careers fairs and liaised with a number of departmental areas. He admits he was apprehensive at first about working with the GMT, but now claims he can't imagine a better place within the department for his first rotation to have taken place.

Second Placement

Australian Biological Resources Study

For his second rotation Grant found himself situated in the beautiful Australian National Botanic Gardens, working with the incredibly busy ABRS team on their 2009 Eureka Prizes project. Grant learned a lot about managing a discrete project such as the Eureka prizes, and about the importance that the ABRS plays in the promotion of the science of taxonomy on a national scale, and further more the role that ABRS has in the future of the integral science that is species discovery. Working with the ABRS team was exciting and fulfilling, and Grant was lucky enough to travel with his Director and Supervisor to Sydney in the last week of his rotation to attend the Black-Tie awards ceremony, hosted by the Australian Museum.

Third Placement

Indigenous Visual Arts Section

For his third rotation Grant was allotted a position with the indigenous Visual Arts section in Allara Street in the city. The rotation was policy focused and Grant spent most of his time working on a major research-report about Provenance and Authenticity in Indigenous Visual Arts around the world. It was an interesting experience to be communicating with International Stakeholders, and Grant really enjoyed working with the IVA team. The work itself was not Grant's cup of tea, but he dose not regret the placement, as it helped him to clarify the direction he would like his career to take within the department.

Final Placement

Graduate Management Team - Graduate Support Officer

Having completed his whirlwind tour of the Department, Grant found himself inexorably drawn back to his first section, and to the work which he found so engaging in his first rotation. He is beyond thrilled to be back with the GMT, and is looking forward to seeing the Graduate program Year from the other side of the tracks for 2010.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'