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University of Adelaide
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Master of Arts (Communication Studies)
Bachelor of Arts


Before joining the APS, I worked in community arts and broadcasting in a range of roles that included event coordinator, publicist, radio broadcaster, broadcast trainer and coordinator of a national music and broadcasting project. I completed my postgrad studies in 1999 while I was working. A couple of years ago I decided to pursue some of my broader personal interests and expand my professional horizons, which lead to working on a couple of film projects, undertaking environmental and heritage conservation field work, and most recently, to DEWHA's grad program.


First Placement

NSW State Team, National Network, Arts Division

The National Network administers Indigenous arts and culture support programs, and my first placement was with the team who focus on NSW activities funded through these programs. I contributed to funding assessment processes and gained valuable insights into whole of government workings in relation to Indigenous affairs.

Second Placement

Indigenous Heritage West, Heritage Division

During this placement I was part of a small team investigating Indigenous heritage values of the Kimberley (in WA), as part of a broader national heritage assessment of the region. As well as developing my knowledge of the specific topics I was researching (traditional land and marine resources), I gained valuable insights into a large scale and high profile assessment process, which involved significant internal and external stakeholder consultation.

Third Placement

Ecological Communities, Approvals and Wildlife Division

My final grad placement exposed me to processes involved in assessing, listing and protecting endangered ecosystems. My key role here was managing production of an information product about ecological communities which have been listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (aka the EPBC Act or national environment protection law).

Permanent position

Australian Film Industry, Culture Division

Following completion of the graduate program, I took up a placement in the Australian Film Industry section, which is responsible for domestic film industry policy, management of federal film funding programs, and oversight of some of the country's major film agencies, including Screen Australia; the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and the National Film and Sound Archive.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment