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Jessica F

Jessica F


B App Sc (Food Science and Nutrition)
B Sc (Australian Wildlife and Conservation)
M Sc (thesis) - in progress


I grew up in Melbourne and developed a strong interest in biology while I was in high school thanks to a wonderful biology teacher. My interest in biology led me to undertake a degree in the health sciences and in 1999 I completed my degree in Food Science and Nutrition. However, my interest in biology had evolved in those three years and it wasn't long before I was back at uni for round 2, this time completing a degree in Science at the University of Melbourne with a major in Australian Wildlife and Conservation. I knew I was on the right track this time and after graduating I worked briefly at Birds Australia on their 'Atlas of Australian Birds' database. Through this role I became involved with the Helmeted Honeyeater Recovery Team. After many hours of data entry for the Recovery Team I was invited by Healesville Sanctuary to undertake radio-tracking of captive-bred birds that were to be released to the wild as part of the Recovery Team's reintroduction program. This was quite possibly the best job in the world, but as with all good things, they come to an end.

Applying for the graduate program was one of the best decisions I've made, and certainly the best career decision I've made. I now have the opportunity to apply what I learnt as a student in an organisation that nurtures innovation, is highly supportive of its employees, and most importantly, plays a major role in the conservation of Australia's biodiversity.


First Placement

Chemical Policy, EQD

In my first rotation I worked in the Chemical Policy Section of the Environment Quality Division. This Section's major responsibilities are to implement Australia's obligations under the Stockholm and Rotterdam conventions, and to develop national policy for the management and use of chemical in Australia. During this rotation some of the tasks that I undertook included:

Second Placement

Recovery Planning and Implementation, AWD

My second rotation was in the Recovery Planning and Implementation Section in the Approvals and Wildlife Division. This was a theme close to my heart and an area where I had a lot of previous knowledge. Because of my experience in the area I was able to work closely with the Director and provide input on strategic planning for threatened species. Specific tasks I undertook included:

Third Placement

Reef Rescue, AGLC

Given that I had gained experience in policy for both my first and second rotations, for my third rotation I decided to focus on program implementation. I completed this rotation in the Australian Government  Land and Coasts (AGLC) joint team. This division is a team made up of both DEWHA and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) employees and works together to implement the government's Caring for our Country initiative. My position was in Reef Rescue, the Section responsible for implementing the government's election commitment to protect the Great Barrier Reef against the impacts of climate change, and now a program under Caring for our Country. During this rotation I:

Final Placement


Because I enjoyed my time so much in Reef Rescue I decided to stay in AGLC and gained my ongoing position in the NSW/ACT Natural Resource Management Team. In this Section some of the major responsibilities of the team are to:

The experiences and skills that I've gained through the graduate program have provided me with a strong foundation for my career and I feel very fortunate that I was given such an opportunity. I'm looking forward to continuing my work in the department and hope that I can provide a valuable contribution

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'