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Bachelor of Social Sciences - History and Politics
Bachelor of International Studies (Hons)


I am a graduate from the University of Adelaide, with a degree in International Studies and Social Sciences. Throughout my university career I had many opportunities to travel and work in exciting places around the globe. I was involved in a community development project in Costa Rica, volunteered in a children's hospital in the Philippines and taught English to school children in Kenya and India. Working in Mumbai, one of the world's biggest cities opened my eyes to the environmental issues cities in the developing world are facing and how they are directly impacting the lives of the people living there, particularly the poor.

As a result I completed my degree with an honours year, researching urban sustainability in the developing world, comparing Mumbai and Curitiba, a city in Brazil deemed an international model for sustainable development. The most rewarding part of this year was having the opportunity to interview local NGO leaders in Mumbai to hear their perspectives on urban sustainability. After handing up my honours thesis in late 2008 I managed a short trip trekking around Nepal before moving to Canberra.

I applied for the graduate program with DEWHA because I was looking for a job where I could make a difference and be involved in the decision making process. The wide diversity of important issues DEWHA deals with was also attractive.


First Placement

Commercial Building Energy Efficiency - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Division

The Commercial Building Energy Efficiency team is responsible for developing and implementing policies to improve the energy efficiency of Australia's commercial building sector. My work in the section involved:

Second Placement

Queensland State NRM Team - Reef Rescue and Aquatic Partnerships - Australian Government Land and Coasts

The Queensland State NRM Team is one of seven state teams within the Australian Government Land and Coasts division responsible for wrapping up the Government's previous NRM programs the Natural Heritage Trust and the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality, while also implementing the Government's new NRM program, Caring for our Country, which began in July 2008. During this rotation I:

Third Placement

International Projects Section - International Heritage and Policy - Heritage Division

The International Projects Section manages the implementation of the Joint Understanding between Papua New Guinea and Australia on the Kokoda Track and Owen Stanley Ranges. The Joint Understanding commits Australia to assisting PNG to improve management of the Kokoda Track and Owen Stanley Ranges, to improve the livelihoods and deliver services to communities along the Kokoda Track corridor, and improve the human capacity of key PNG Government agencies and the Kokoda Track Authority. The section is also responsible for assisting with management of the East Rennell World Heritage Area in the Solomon Islands. During this rotation I:

Writing briefs and ministerial correspondence

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'