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After finishing my Arts/Law degree at the University of Tasmania, I completed my Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice and was admitted to the Tasmanian Bar. I worked for a period as a lawyer and then decided to travel and spent the following three years doing various jobs around the world. I returned to Australia in 2008 with the intent to follow my interest in the environment and somehow incorporate my attained skills. I started working for the Marine Division in Hobart and subsequently was accepted into the graduate program.


First Placement

My first rotation was with the policy and Governance team in the Land and Coasts Division. This was a very busy team which exposed me to a variety of high level meetings and coordination tasks. My major project was to develop a Policy and Procedures manual that would assist new starters to understand the complexities of working for a Joint team (DAFF and DEWHA) and managing the governments initiative, Caring for our Country. However given the dynamic nature of my team I was always involved in numerous other tasks.

Second Placement

My second rotation was with the Water Governance Team in the Water Reform Division. This position utilised my legal skills as it was primarily concerned with managing the legislative changes to and the interpretation of the Water Act 2007.

The importance and high profile nature of water management in Australia meant that this was another very busy but very interesting position. I was directly involved in amending regulations and the Water Act. In addition I worked closely with out posted AGS solicitors to provide advice to the minister on water related issues

Third Placement

My third rotation was with International Wildlife Trade in the Approvals and Wildlife Division. This position exposed me to international politics and how it correlates with domestic politics. It was a very interesting role and again necessitated the application of my legal skills but to a greater degree it necessitated an awareness of the sensitivities and nuances of politics.

Final Placement

At the end of the graduate program I accepted a position with my second rotation team. I enjoyed the technicalities of the work and the people I worked with.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'