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Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)
Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)


After a varied career in music, retail and the arts spanning several years and most Australian capital cities, I returned to Adelaide to study journalism and international studies. During the course(s) I was employed as a journalist, writing for national wine titles. Part-way through my honours I was accepted into the graduate program.


First Placement

Public Affairs, Approvals and Wildlife Division

AWD oversees Australian Government environmental legislation, with particular responsibility for environmental impact assessments and wildlife protection procedures and strategies. Public affairs was at times a white-knuckle ride - especially when the Minister's adviser was looking for comment on a particular issue - but thoroughly enjoyable. Responsibilities included preparing media handling notes and media releases for the Minister; monitoring and reporting on media coverage; researching and editing departmental publications, and dressing up in a giant bilby suit (sort of).

Second Placement

Wetlands, Aquatic Systems Health Branch

Working in the wetlands section was a good contrast to my first rotation. I worked on referrals - where an assessment is made as to the likely impact of a proposed development or activity on wetlands on national significance, including Ramsar listed sites - and also performed other tasks including website updates and some policy advice.

Third Placement

Indigenous Heritage Law Reform, International Heritage and Policy

I found this rotation to be very enjoyable, working on proposed reforms to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act. Implemented in 1984, the Act has been inefficient in protecting Indigenous heritage, and the current process is the third or fourth attempt at reform. Due to the scale of the Act and it's implications there was alot of consultation with Indigenous and cultural organisations, as well as interaction with other government agencies such as PM&C, Defence and Treasury. Another benefit was the small team which consisted of knowledgeable and interesting people.

Final Placement

Public Affairs, Renewables and Energy Efficiency Division

The end of the year saw me back where I started, in Public Affairs. Having enjoyed my time in my first rotation, and being suited to the media-related nature of the work, I decided to pursue employment in this area.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'