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Australian National University


Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Majors: Political Science


First Placement

Coastal and Aquatic Partnerships (CAP), Land and Coasts Division

My time in CAP was extremely enjoyable and allowed me to gain experience in an area I knew very little about. Although initially intimidated by the number of extremely long, italicised species names that kept popping up, working in CAP has proved to be an incredibly beneficial introduction into the world of DEWHA.

CAP is actually part of the joint team (with DAFF), which looks after the Government's multi-billion dollar Caring for our Country program. The opportunity to work on the program side of the Department is invaluable considering the evolving nature of the Department's responsibilities and provided me with experience in program delivery and stakeholder and inter-departmental liaison.

Furthermore, since it was a small team, I was given the opportunity to assist with most of the work going through the section and attend most meetings.

During the rotation I was given the responsibility for working on a range of different tasks including,

Second Placement

Waste Policy Taskforce

Working in a taskforce was definitely a change of pace from my 1st rotation. While incredibly busy, the opportunity to work on Australia's first national waste and resource recovery policy was extremely exciting. Going in, I knew very little about the intricacies of Australia's waste management however it has always been an area that stands out to me as a real sustainability dilemma.

In terms of my tasks while working in the taskforce - it is difficult to list. Among other things, I had an opportunity to work on the National State of Waste Report, assist in managing consultancies, brainstorm ideas for the policy and indulge in relevant research.

Third Placement

Budget Strategy Unit

The Budget Strategy Unit in the Portfolio Coordination Division is a central part of the Department. Working in this area allowed me to understand the Department's place in a whole-of-government context. Furthermore, it exposed me to the breadth of work undertaken in DEWHA.

Tasks involved:

Final Placement

My final placement is in the Economics and Strategic Policy Section

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'