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Bachelor of Environmental Management (Honours)
Bachelor of Laws


I've done a little bit of everything when it comes to study and work, putting my hand up for most things coming my way but have always had an interest in the environment particularly resource management. After a stint in intellectual property, I worked with the Northern Land Council on a project about sustainable economic development for remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. And off I set down the Indigenous research path in which I had always been a passion of mine.

After returning to my law degree I continued to work in human geography and Indigenous studies as a university tutor and honours mentor and also worked as part of the editorial team of an environmental law publication. Deciding that I wanted to try something outside the academic world and explore more broadly the full spectrum of environmental issues I applied for the DEWHA grad program. Given the wide range of issues with which it deals, the opportunity to continue to work in Indigenous issues if I chose, the chance to broaden my experience and use the environmental and legal aspects of my degree, DEWHA was an obvious fit.


First Placement

Heritage Division- Natural and Indigenous Heritage Branch, Natural Heritage West

One of the key responsibilities of the Natural Heritage West section is the assessment of the natural heritage values of places for the National Heritage List. During my first rotation I had the opportunity to be involved in the department's assessment of the Kimberley Region for National Heritage Listing including the development of a consultation plan for the Kimberley assessment and investigating a strategy for assessing the hydrologic environment for heritage assessment. I also worked on the preparation of a publication about fossil sites of heritage importance in Australia.

Second Placement

Water Reform Division- Water Policy Branch, National Water Market System Project

The aim of the National Water Market System is to ensure efficient management of state and territory water registers, water transactions and market information. I was involved in the NWMS during its start up phase, and at the time I did my rotation it was an extremely small and busy team. This gave me the chance to be involved in a wide variety of activities including procurement, writing and managing contracts, recruitment, drafting briefs and ministerials, and drafting a stakeholder engagement strategy.

Third Placement

Marine Division- Marine Biodiversity Policy Branch, Marine Policy Development Section

During this rotation I worked as part of a small team within the section responsible for marine issues under the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. My work involved assisting with the identification and development of Australia's policies and positions for the 15th CITES Conference of the Parties to be held in March 2010. I was involved in undertaking policy analysis and drafting advice including negotiation briefs, ministerial briefs and information documents and liaising with other sections across the Marine Division, across DEWHA and across government more broadly to ensure a consistent Australian approach to CITES issues.

Final Placement

Water Reform Division- National Water Market System Branch, Policy and Coordination Team

For my final placement I returned to my second rotation in the National Water Market System.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'