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Independent review of the Australian Greenhouse Office

Hon. Warwick L. Smith LLB, June 2002

1. Introduction to the independent review

In early 2000, the Government agreed to form the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) as an Executive Agency. At this time it was also agreed to conduct an independent review of the Office by 30 June 2002. The Hon. Warwick L. Smith, Executive Director with the Macquarie Bank, former Federal Minister and former Shadow Minister for Science and Energy, was appointed to conduct the review (see Appendix A). The terms of reference for the review are in Box 1.

Box 1: Terms Of Reference For The Independent Review Of The Australian Greenhouse Office

The Australian Greenhouse Office was established in early 1998 to be the lead Commonwealth agency on greenhouse matters. It has been responsible for the delivery of a range of programs established under the Government's policies Safeguarding the Future and Measures for a Better Environment, and for policy advice to the Government on its greenhouse response.

The review of the office is to report to the Government by 30 June 2002. The report should respond to the following terms of reference:

Taking into account:

  • Australia's international obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its commitments on greenhouse;
  • Developments in international negotiations;
  • The interaction between greenhouse policy and other government objectives; and
  • Australia's forward strategy for addressing climate change.

Provide advice on:

  • Whether the scope of the operations of the Australian Greenhouse Office remains appropriate; and
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of the Australian Greenhouse Office in delivering government policy and communicating the government's position.

Information used to inform the review came from: