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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Environment Australia Annual Report 2000-01

Environment Australia, 2001
ISSN 1441-9335

Appendix 6 - Discretionary grant programmes

Environment Australia administers a range of discretionary grant programmes. A full list of grant recipients is available on request from the Department. Further information about Natural Heritage Trust grants and projects is contained in the Trust's 2000-01 annual report.


Bushcare Programme
Objective: Reverse the long-term decline in the quality and extent of Australia's native vegetation cover.
$908 249
Endangered Species Programme
Objective: Protect and conserve Australia's native species and ecological communities in the wild.
$1 554 435
National Feral Animal Control Programme
Objective: Reduce the damage to agriculture and the environment from feral animals.
$1 333 374
Biodiversity Convention and Strategy Programme
Objective: Contribute to the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia's Biological Diversity and the National Biotechnology Strategy.
$57 273
National Weeds Programme
Objective: Reduce the detrimental impact of nationally significant weeds on the sustainability of Australia's productive capacity and natural ecosystems.
$236 300
Biodiversity Promotion for National Science Week
Objective: Promote biodiversity during National Science Week 2001.

Inland Waters

National River Health Programme
Objective: Fund the development and application of sound knowledge for the protection, conservation and repair of Australia's inland waters.
$204 581
National Wetlands Programme
Objective: Contribute to the ecologically sustainable management of Australia's inland waters through funding projects that will help to restore and protect the ecological health of wetlands.
$1 105 679
Cleaning Our Waterways Industry Partnership
Objective: Reduce and intercept industrial wastewater and contaminated groundwater through water quality management with industry.
$195 798

Coasts and Oceans

Coastcare Programme
Objective: Support direct community involvement, in partnership with local land managers, in the management of coastal and marine areas through funding projects with practical actions and works that tackle the causes of environmental degradation.
$48 985
Clean Seas Programme
Objective: Improve marine and estuarine water quality through practical action involving partnerships between the community, local government, industry, research organisations and State agencies.
$80 000
Coastal and Marine Planning Programme
Objective: Improve management of potential and existing pressures on the coastal environment.
$15 000
Marine Species Protection Programme
Objective: Reduce threats from human activities to selected marine species.
$401 141
Capacity Building Programme
Objective: Support education and training for coastal and marine managers and educators.
$769 071
Introduced Marine Pests Programme
Objective: Contribute to the proposed National System for the Prevention and Management of Introduced Marine Pests.
$172 358
Marine Waste Reception Facilities Programme
Objective: Support the installation and demonstration of best practice facilities for receiving shipping and boating wastes at ports, marinas and boat harbours.
$253 986
Australia's Oceans Policy - Moorings Programme
Objective: Install public moorings in popular recreational areas with sensitive marine habitats to protect them from the destructive impacts of anchoring.
$64 050
Australia's Oceans Policy - Antifouling Programme
Objective: Assist in meeting the Government's policy commitment to ban the use of organotins in antifouling paints in Australia.
$85 000
Marine Ad Hoc Grants
Objective Fund proposals that meet high priority marine needs.
$97 500

National parks and reserves

Indigenous Protected Areas Programme
Objective: Establish and manage protected areas on indigenous-owned estates and establish joint management arrangements for government-owned protected areas between indigenous groups and the relevant government nature conservation agencies.
$956 538
National Reserve System Programme
Objective: Work with the States, community and indigenous groups to establish an effective core protected area estate in Australia.
$3 729 943


Historic Shipwrecks Programme
Objective: Implement the Historic Shipwrecks Act and ensure the protection of maritime archaeological sites while encouraging responsible public access.
$332 054
Cultural Heritage Projects Programme
Objective: Support the conservation of historic places on the Register of the National Estate, its interim list or State heritage registers. Projects that aim to identify indigenous heritage places for appropriate listing or conservation planning may also be supported.
$1 725 187
Federation Fund
Objective:Administer four projects from the main Federation Fund totalling $21.75 million. The programme is now closed, with all but one of the projects funded due to be completed by December 2001.
$5 305 000
Federation Cultural and Heritage Projects Programme
Objective: Administer 32 projects totalling $36.4 million. The total programme funding was $70.4 million. All projects will be finalised by December 2001. The programme is now closed.
$11 703 000
Commemoration of Historic Events and Famous Persons Programme
Objective: Commemorate people, events and places of national historical significance providing funds primarily to care for the graves of former Australian prime ministers and for erecting suitable plaques. The programme has grown to include other kinds of commemorative monuments, exhibitions, surveys of historical sites and other projects, all of national significance.
$16 362


Air Pollution in Major Cities Programme
Objective: Advance national and regional policy initiatives to improve urban air quality in Australia.
$298 067


Waste Management Awareness Programme
Objective: Provide funding for waste reduction and resource recovery projects of national strategic benefit.
$372 727

Assessments and approvals

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Awareness Programme
Objective: Promote community awareness of the implementation of the Act and assist a range of stakeholders and community organisations to understand the Act.
$90 000


Antarctic Science Grants
Objective: Provide grants for high quality scientific research relevant to the Government's Antarctic programme goals.
$600 000


Grants to Voluntary Environment and Heritage Organisations
Objective: Provide administrative funds to help community-based environment and heritage
organisations to conserve and protect the natural environment and cultural heritage.
$1 530 000
Care and Rehabilitation of Orangutans in Indonesia
Objective: Provide funding for wages and food for two veterinarians to be based permanently
at the orangutan care and rehabilitation site in Tanjung Puting National Park (Indonesia).
$10 000
Indonesian-Australian Marine Rehabilitation and Biotechnology Initiative
Objective: Promote mangrove and marine rehabilitation; collaborative marine molecular
biotechnology research and development; and marine resource use and managed
areas strategy development in Indonesia.
$40 000
Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year Award
Objective: Select, promote and present the Environmentalist of the Year Award as part of the celebrations for World Environment Day.
$88 000
Environment Impact Website
Objective: Develop an interactive, educational website for Australian primary and secondary students who can make choices on their lifestyle as an adult and see how their choices impact on the environment.
$12 000
Young Environment Envoys Programme 2001
Objective: Train future leaders from the Asia-Pacific region in environment protection
and sustainable management of natural resources.
$16 500
The Future is Here: A Conference for Environmental Education
Objective: Organise a conference to capture the leading edge interpretations of environmental education work across the fields of adult and community education, formal education, government, vocational training, communications and mass media, and the arts.
GLOBE Australia Programme 2001
Objective: Organise a collaborative environmental education project between the Australian and United States Governments.
$27 500
World Environment Day 2000
Objective: Organise activities to mark World Environment Day 2000.
Papua New Guinea
Objective: Fund travel costs of the Papua New Guinea Environment Minister and senior officials to participate in the meetings of the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council.
$13 800