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Department of the Environment and Heritage Annual Report 2003-04

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2004
ISSN 1441 9335

Appendix 5 - Discretionary grant programmes

The Department administers a range of discretionary grant programmes. A full list of grant recipients is available on request from the Department. For more information about Natural Heritage Trust grants, see the Trust's annual report at

Note that, where possible, the grant figures shown include goods and services tax.


Air Pollution in Major Cities Programme

$974 845
Objective: To develop national strategies and standards to minimise the adverse impacts of air pollution.

Diesel National Environmental Protection Measure

$3 633 000
Objective: To support the development and implementation of in-service emissions testing capabilities for petrol and diesel vehicles, where diesel emission testing is in conjunction with the making and/or implementation of the Diesel Vehicle Emissions National Environmental Protection Measure.

Sustainable Cities Programme

$40 000
Objective: To develop national standards, increase compliance and enforcement activities and give priority to national initiatives in areas such as air quality, fuel quality, ozone depleting substances and renewable energy.

Assessments and approvals

Better Science for our Decision-Making

$4 400
Objective: To provide scientific support to ensure best practice implementation of the Commonwealth's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 obligations.


Bushcare Programme

$22 000
Objective: To reverse the long-term decline in the quality and extent of Australia's native vegetation cover.

Australian Biological Resources Study Participatory Programme

$1 839 000
Objective: To provide funding for taxonomic and biogeographic research and training that leads to the scientific documentation of Australia's biodiversity. Projects that meet National Research Priorities are funded under this programme.


Historic Shipwrecks Programme

$399 770
Objective: To implement the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976 and ensure the protection of maritime archaeological sites while encouraging responsible public access.

Cultural Heritage Projects Programme

$2 143 654
Objective: To support the conservation of historic places on the Register of the National Estate, its interim list or state heritage registers. Projects that aim to identify Indigenous heritage places for appropriate listing or conservation planning may also be supported.

Cathedral Restoration Projects

$6 105 000
Objective: To administer projects for the restoration and conservation of St Paul's Cathedral (Melbourne) and St George's Cathedral (Perth).

Rural and Regional Historic Hotels Programme

$808 321
Objective: To provide one-off assistance, on a matching basis, for the preservation and restoration of rural and regional hotels across Australia, giving priority to hotels with strong community significance and works which would provide socio-economic benefits for those communities.

Commemoration of Historic Events and Famous Persons Programme

$33 369
Objective: To commemorate people, events and places of national historical significance providing funds primarily to care for the graves of former Australian prime ministers and for erecting suitable plaques. The programme has grown to include other kinds of commemorative monuments, exhibitions, surveys of historical sites and other projects, all of national significance.

Jabiru Area School Indigenous Heritage Education Project

$25 000
Objective: To support and maintain the cultural heritage traditions of the Indigenous people in the Kakadu region including the Kakadu National Park World Heritage Area.

Asia-Pacific Focal Point for World Heritage

$18 875
Objective: To promote the World Heritage Convention in our region by hosting the Asia-Pacific Focal Point for World Heritage. The Focal Point has continued to support a range of strategic activities in our region, including projects for capacity building, regional networking and transfer of expertise, awareness raising, planning and best practice management of World Heritage values.

Regional Natural Heritage Programme

$225 907
Objective: To help conserve outstanding biodiversity in South-East Asia and the Pacific regions. (The three-year Regional Natural Heritage Programme was launched by the Prime Minister on 18 February 2004.)


Oil Recycling

$2 354 586
Objective: To support the product stewardship arrangements for waste oil and provide targeted grants to address barriers to oil recycling.

Sustainable Cities Programme

$638 379
Objective: To develop national standards, increase compliance and enforcement activities, and give priority to national initiatives in areas such as the management and control of chemicals, pollutants, hazardous waste, water quality, environmental information and education, and waste management.

Environment Protection Ad hoc Grants

$59 269
Objective: To provide funding to organisations to protect the environment of Australia through national leadership and cooperation.

National parks and reserves

Indigenous Protected Areas Programme

$4 191 000
Objective: To establish and manage protected areas on Indigenous-owned estates and to establish joint management arrangements for government-owned protected areas between Indigenous groups and the relevant government nature conservation agencies.

National Reserve System Programme

$3 598 000
Objective: To assist with the establishment and maintenance of a comprehensive, adequate and representative system of protected area reserves in Australia.


Australian Antarctic Science Grants

$740 578
Objective: To provide grants for high quality scientific research relevant to the Government's Antarctic programme goals.

Project Jonah

$6 600
Objective: To produce a report on the historic role of non-government organisations in the development of Australia's policy on protecting whales.

Public affairs and environment education

Environment Institute Australia and New Zealand - developing a certification scheme for environmental professionals

$27 500
Objective: To create a certification scheme for environmental practitioners that assists government, industry, and the broader community in identifying and verifying the qualifications, accountability and ethics of professionals in environmental practice.

Australian Association for Environmental Education Conference 2004

$33 000
Objective: To support the 2004 Biennial Australian Association for Environmental Education Conference: Creating Ethical Communities Now - footprints, pathways, possibilities.

Housing Industry Association - Green Smart Module, Sustainable Water Management and Application Course

$27 500
Objective: To develop of course modules that allow industry professionals to gain more detailed and practical training in specific areas of sustainability within the housing industry.

Marine Education Society of Australasia / Australian Marine Education Alliance - One Ocean, Pacific Basin Forum

$8 250
Objective: To facilitate a network of marine environmental educators in the Pacific Basin. Through identification and sharing of experiences, the forum seeks to maximise the effectiveness of local strategies used to educate for the sustainable use of the ocean.

Rural Skills Australia - Rural Production and Conservation and Land Management Training Packages

$40 150
Objective: To develop a suite of competency-based training resources to support the teaching of sustainability. The resources will draw upon learning guides from Rural Skills Australia in addition to publicly available material from a range of government departments and agencies.

School of Social Science and Planning, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

$34 100
Objective: To develop a guide to environmental jobs. The project will survey the range of environmental jobs and scope of environmental careers in Australia and will result in a report on environmental career opportunities. Case studies on environmental career paths in each employment sector will also be developed.

Prime Minister's Award for Environmentalist of the Year 2003

$100 000
Objective: To select, promote and present the Prime Minister's Award for Environmentalist of the Year as part of the celebrations for World Environment Day.

Environment Australia's sponsorship of the Peter Hunt Eureka Prize for Environmental Journalism, 2003

$18 000
Objective: To recognise particular work or overall performance in the field of environmental journalism. Special emphasis is given to work that informs and influences public opinion and attitudes, and that recognises and promotes the principles of ecologically sustainable development.


Grants to Voluntary Environment and Heritage Organisations

$958 890
Objective: To provide administrative funds to help community-based environment and heritage organisations to conserve and protect the natural environment and cultural heritage.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Awareness Programme

$102 000
Objective: To promote community awareness and understanding of the Act and participation in its operation.

Conservation of Listed Migratory Water Birds

$168 175
Objective: To protect migratory shorebirds by supporting regional activities to conserve important habitat, and by collating and publishing important information on migratory bird numbers and habitats in Australia to support advice on referrals and assessments.

Development of National Recovery Plans

Objective: To recover and protect marine wildlife through recovery plans for threatened whales, marine turtles, sharks, seals, seabirds and other listed marine species.

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