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Department of the Environment and Heritage annual report 2004-05

Volume one
Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2005
ISSN 1441 9335

Executive summary (continued)

Outcomes and outputs

The department receives annual funding to deliver a set of outputs that contribute to achieving two outcomes:

Outcome 1: The environment, especially those aspects that are matters of national environmental significance, is protected and conserved.

Outcome 2: Australia’s interests in Antarctica are advanced

Changes since the 2004-05 Budget

The department changed its outputs for the 2004-05 additional estimates statement to accommodate the functions of the Australian Greenhouse Office and the National Oceans Office. Output 1.3 (originally just ‘coasts’) was revised to accommodate marine functions. Output 1.10 (‘climate change’) was added.

The department subsequently reviewed its outputs structure and developed a new structure in consultation with the minister and the Department of Finance and Administration. The new structure appeared in the 2005-06 portfolio budget statement. The department will report against the new structure in 2006. See also Managing the department.