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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Environment Australia Annual Report 1999-2000

Environment Australia, 2000
ISBN 0642450420
ISSN 1441-9335

4. Discretionary grant programmes

Environment Australia administers a broad range of discretionary grant programmes. This is a guide to the various discretionary grant programmes and the total amounts distributed under them in 1999-2000. Ad hoc grants allocated by various programmes are also indicated.

A full list of grant recipients is available on request from the department.

Summary information for Natural Heritage Trust discretionary grant programmes administered by the department is included in this appendix. Further information about Natural Heritage Trust grants and projects is contained in the Trust's 1999-2000 Annual Report.

Grants to Voluntary Environment and Heritage Organisations

The objective of the programme is to provide administrative funds to help community-based environmental and heritage organisations to value, conserve and protect the natural environment and cultural heritage through:

Grants: $1 650 000

Environment Resource Officer Scheme

The scheme provides a formal link or communication channel between the Commonwealth Government and local governments in Australia on matters relating to environmental and natural resource management. The officers promote and disseminate information on Commonwealth environment policies and programmes and assist local governments with environmental management, including policy development. The scheme pays for eight environment resource officers, seven employed in the peak local government association in each State and the Northern Territory, and one national officer employed by the non-government organisation, Environs Australia.

Environment Australia currently contributes $440 000 per year to the scheme's funding ($55 000 per officer per year), with host organisations meeting any additional costs above the value of the annual grant. The host organisations each recruit and employ an environment resource officer to deliver the services specified in a contract. Each officer has a specifically tailored workplan, which is reviewed and negotiated every financial year with relevant Environment Australia areas and the officer's host organisation.

Grants: $440 000

Local Agenda 21

Environment Australia produced a resource manual titled Our Community Our Future: A Guide to Local Agenda 21.

An amount of $9000 was offered to each State and the Northern Territory local government association to deliver training based on the manual. The $9000 payment has been made to all but the South Australian and Queensland local government associations.

Grants: $63 000

International Conservation Programme

The programme provided grants for activities supporting international environment objectives, including bilateral and multilateral relations.

Grants: $39 000

Information and Education

Information and education initiatives which support portfolio priorities were sponsored.

Grants: $124 900

Environment Protection ad hoc grants

The objective of the Environment Protection Programme is to protect and enhance the environment of Australia through national leadership and cooperation. This involves providing public funding to organisations or groups with aims and objectives which are acceptable to the Government and benefit a wide section of the community either directly or indirectly.

Grants: $468 315

Air Pollution in Major Cities

The aim of this programme is to advance national and regional policy initiatives in order to improve urban air quality in Australia.

Grants: $751 000

Ozone ad hoc grants

These grants relate to programmes to phase out hydrochlorofluorocarbon and methyl bromide use, and the administration of the licensing and quota systems under the Ozone Protection Act.

Grants: $222 300

Waste Management Awareness Programme

The programme, under the Natural Heritage Trust, provides funding for waste reduction and resource recovery projects of national strategic benefit. The focus of the programme is to work with business and communities to improve the environmental performance of resource use, .re-use and recovery. Activities aim to reduce the quantity of materials entering waste streams; promote greater uptake of re-use and recovery initiatives by business and the community; and develop markets for recovered materials.

Grants: $410 000

Federation Fund

The Federation Fund aims to improve Australia's infrastructure, enhance cultural and social facilities and contribute to economic growth.

Grants: $2 240 000

Federation Cultural and Heritage Programme

The programme provides funding to projects covering a wide range of heritage places and collections, cultural centres, museums and the conservation and adaptive re-use of some of Australia's most important historic buildings, helping to mark the Centenary of Federation in an enduring way for the benefit of all Australians.

Grants: $12 480 000

Cultural Heritage Projects Programme

The programme provides assistance to not-for-profit organisations, local government authorities and private owners to support the conservation of listed places of national significance and identification of indigenous places of significance beyond the local region.

Grants: $260 000

Grants-in-Aid to the National Trust

The grants support activities that increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of Australia's cultural heritage; enhance and promote its conservation; and assist the Trust to advocate and work for the preservation and enhancement of the national estate.

Grants: $788 275

Commemoration of Historic Events and Famous People

The programme is designed to commemorate people, events and places of national historical significance.

Grant: $73 000

Historic Shipwrecks Programme

The Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976 is administered by the Commonwealth in conjunction with the States, the Northern Territory and Norfolk Island. Funding is provided to implement this legislation and to undertake projects consistent with the objectives of the Historic Shipwrecks Programme.

Grants: $404 000

Indigenous Protected Areas Programme

The programme's goals are the establishment and management of protected areas on indigenous-owned estates (indigenous protected areas) and the establishment of cooperative (joint) management arrangements over government-owned protected areas between indigenous groups and the relevant government nature conservation agencies.

Grants: $701 400

National River Health Programme

The programme is developing and applying sound knowledge for the protection, conservation and repair of Australia's inland waters.

Grants: $61 198

National Wetlands Programme

The programme supports activities which promote the conservation, repair and wise use of wetlands across Australia.

Grants: $207 450

Waterwatch Australia

Waterwatch Australia provides grants to support community participation in water quality monitoring.

Grants: $0


The programme's goal is to reverse the long-term decline in the quality and extent of Australia's native vegetation cover.

Grants: $1 981 477

Biodiversity Convention and Strategy Programme

The programme includes grants contributing to the Convention on Biological Diversity, including negotiation of the Biosafety Protocol, and supporting the implementation of the National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia's Biological Diversity.

Grants: $519 911

Tasmanian Strategic Natural Heritage Programme

The programme's goal is to enhance Tasmania's environmental capital through projects that are consistent with ecologically sustainable development principles.

Grants: $0

National Reserve System Programme

The programme's aim is to increase the comprehensiveness, adequacy and representativeness of Australia's National Reserve System. Criteria developed by the Commonwealth and State conservation agencies use scientific principles to identify areas of national significance that can fill gaps in the existing reserve system. These areas can be added to the National Reserve System through purchase or other mechanisms such as the placing of conservation covenants on titles.

Grants: $2 463 526

Endangered Species Programme

The programme's goal is to protect and conserve Australia's threatened species and ecological communities so that they can flourish and retain their potential for evolutionary development in the wild.

Grants: $2 012 966

National Feral Animal Control Programme

The programme's goal is to ensure effective management of the impact of feral animals on the natural environment and on primary production.

Grants: $248 317

National Weeds Programme

The programme's goal is to reduce the detrimental impact of nationally significant weeds on the sustainability of Australia's productive capacity and natural ecosystems.

Grants: $67 744

Coastal Monitoring Programme

This programme provides financial assistance for projects aimed at identifying and informing coastal management decision-makers about significant threats to our coastal and marine environments.

Grants: $3000

Coastal and Marine Planning Programme

This programme provides financial assistance to catalyse coastal and marine planning that combines social, economic and environmental issues to achieve sustainable development.

Grants: $145 481

Marine Protected Areas Programme

This programme provides financial assistance to State and Territory marine agencies for projects which support the development and implementation of a National Representative System of Marine Protected Areas and the planning and management of Commonwealth reserves.

Grants: $595 639

Australian Coastal Atlas

This programme provides financial assistance for the continued development and installation of software systems for the Australian Coastal Atlas.

Grants: $10 000

Marine ad hoc grants

These grants fund proposals that meet high priority needs within the department.

Grants: $31 500

Antarctic Science Advisory Committee Grants Scheme

This scheme provides grants annually for high quality scientific research relevant to the Government's antarctic programme goals.

Grants: $566 000