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Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2004–2005

Environment and Heritage Portfolio
Explanation of Additional Estimates 2004–2005
Commonwealth of Australia 2005
ISSN 1448 – 9058 (Online)

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Part C - Agency Additional Estimates Statements (continued)
Director of National Parks (continued)

Section 2 - Revisions to sub-outcomes and outputs

The Director of National Parks has made no changes to the output structure since the last Budget.

The environment, especially those aspects that are matters of national environmental significance, is protected and conserved

Conservation and appreciation of Commonwealth reserves


Outputs are priced based on the direct costs of the Director of National Parks and a corporate services charge, received as resources free of charge from the Department of the Environment and Heritage calculated under a Service Level Agreement on a full cost recovery basis.


Director of National Parks - additional funding - Kakadu National Park
An increase of $4.120m in 2004-05. The Government will provide $16.400m over four years to the Director of National Parks primarily for the management of Kakadu National Park following the abolition of entry fees to the Park. This funding includes provision for annual payments to be made to the Park's traditional owners as compensation for income foregone. The departmental outputs forward estimates have been increased by $3.750m in 2005-06, $4.091m in 2006-07, $4.432m in 2007-08.

Adjustments to Revenue from Independent Sources

Revenue from Independent Sources has reduced by $4.895m as follows:

Kakadu National Park Entry Fees
The 2004-05 Budget revenue estimate has reduced as a result of the abolition of entry fees to Kakadu National Parks on 19 December 2004. The Government will provide funding to the Director of National Parks, through departmental output appropriation for the Department of the Environment and Heritage - Outcome 1 Environment, for the management of Kakadu National Park.

Decline in Visitor Numbers
The 2004-05 Budget revenue estimate has been further reduced to reflect a downward revision of estimates in visitor numbers at Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and Kakadu National Park.


The performance information that the Director of National Parks will use to assess the level of its achievement against the additional funding is shown below.

Table 2.1 – Performance information for outputs affected by additional estimates
Output 1.1  Parks and reserves
Statutory administration Quantity Extent to which statutory requirements and timeframes are met under legislation. 
Quantity Number of permits considered (granted and refused) under legislation. 
Policy advising, ministerial and parliamentary Quality Minister is satisfied with the timeliness and quality of briefs provided by the Director.
Quality Minister is satisfied with the timeliness and quality of draft ministerial correspondence by the Director.
International Quantity Percentage of written pre-meeting objectives at international meetings achieved.
Quality Extent to which Australia’s strategic objectives is achieved through international fora.
Stakeholder awareness Quantity Information and education products distributed to stakeholders (measured by website hits, information material distributed, etc).
Research, analysis and evaluation Quantity Number of research reports, articles and papers prepared and publicly released.
Price – Budget
Price – Revised

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