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Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2004–2005

Environment and Heritage Portfolio
Explanation of Additional Estimates 2004–2005
Commonwealth of Australia 2005
ISSN 1448 – 9058 (Online)

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Part C - Agency Additional Estimates Statements (continued)
National Oceans Office (continued)

Section 2 - Revisions to Sub-Outcomes and Outputs

The National Oceans Office has made no changes to the output structure since the last Budget.

The environment, especially those aspects that are matters of national environmental significance, is protected and conserved

Australians working together towards the ecologically sustainable management of the oceans


The National Oceans Office allocates corporate overheads on the basis of direct employee costs attributed to each sub outcome.


Variations to Departmental Output Appropriation

Under a Section 32 Direction, the following 2004-05 annual appropriations were transferred from the National Oceans Office to the Department of the Environment and Heritage - Outcome 1 Environment:


The performance information that the National Oceans Office will use to assess the level of its achievement against the additional funding is shown below.

Table 2.1 – Performance information for outputs affected by additional estimates
Output group 1.1  Regional marine planning
Contribution to the development of Regional Marine Plans Quality Initial implementation of key South-east Regional Marine Plan actions are progressed to the satisfaction of the National Oceans Ministerial Board. Agreement by Governments to the Northern Planning process, Scoping Report and related recommendations. Mechanisms for integrated marine planning in the Torres Strait are agreed by Governments. Valued and timely papers are prepared for the Regional Planning and Advisory Groups. Agreement by Governments to a collaborative approach to a planning process for the South-west marine area. National marine spatial data infrastructure and marine research are effectively supporting regional marine planning processes.
  Quantity Area of Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone covered by regional marine planing processes. Completion of the priority action items in the South-east Regional Marine Plan. Scoping Agreement for the Northern Marine Planning process and the number of Assessment streams arising from the process. Memorandum of Understanding with South and Western Australian Governments on the South-western regional marine planning process.  Snapshot of the South-West region. Amount of marine scientific, economic and social research conducted and data collected and managed. Completion of the National Marine Bioregionalisation Report and the National Marine Atlas. Oceans portal project completed and a marine registry linked to national data providers. Number of forums and meetings to facilitate stakeholder participation. Number of meetings of specialist working groups. Number of meetings of Regional Planning and Advisory Groups.
Price – Budget
Price – Revised
Output group 1.2  Oceans policy
Contribution to the implementation and further development of Australia’s Oceans Policy Quality Advice to Ministers will be comprehensive, timely and canvass all relevant stakeholders. Valued and timely papers prepared for the National Oceans Ministerial Board (NOMB), Oceans Board of Management (OBOM), Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group (OPSAG) and National Oceans Advisory Group (NOAG) meetings and input to other relevant policy issues. Timely, valued contributions to relevant international meetings and processes. Mechanisms for integrated oceans management in the Commonwealth are further developed and progress made on appropriate inter-governmental mechanisms. Substantial progress is made towards an agreement on principles and elements for national integrated oceans management appropriate inter-governmental mechanisms.
  Quantity Ministerial advice – number of briefs, ministerials, questions on notice, committees. Coordination requests and input to other policy issues. Acceptance of Australia’s international policy on oceans management. Commonwealth guidelines for integrated oceans management. Number of forums for stakeholder participation. Number of meetings of specialist working groups. Number of meetings of NOMB, OBOM, OPSAG and NOAG.
Price – Budget
Price – Revised

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