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Second Environmental Economics Round Table Proceedings

Convened by Senator Robert Hill, Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Canberra, 5 July 2000
Environmental Economics Research Paper No. 7
Commonwealth of Australia, 2000
ISBN 0 642 19485 8

Session 1

Plenary Address on Environmentand Economics



CHAIR–I am Roger Beale, Secretary to the Minister’s Department of the Environment and Heritage. Through the session today we will have a pattern of speakers and then discussion under each of the groups.

Our plenary speaker for the first session is Mr Amory Lovins. He is perhaps one of the best-known writers and speakers in the area of the intersection between technology, economics, business and our futures. Amory’s books are quite inspiring because he sketches for us the futures that are possible if we get the game right in terms of technology, governance and application of those in a synergistic way. Amory is a physicist, educated at Harvard and Oxford. He has had a MacArthur Fellowship, the Heinz, Linburg and Right Livelihood awards and the Nissan, Mitchell and Onassis prizes. He has briefed 10 heads of state personally on these issues. He is one of the most extraordinary networkers and presenters in this area.

I think we have met on a couple of occasions, once at the United Nations in New York and once in Kyoto. So, without any more ado, Amory, can you start the session rolling.

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