Environmental performance reporting

Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

Australian Antarctic Division Environmental Performance

Emissions to Air, Land and Water

EN10, EN13, EN12, EN32: Emissions to air, land and water

Goals 2005-06
Performance 2005-06 and trends

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Even though AAD uses large quantities of fossil fuels as the primary energy sources for shipping and station operation, incinerates materials at each station, and disposes of treated sewage effluent into the ocean, the emissions produced are considered to be not significant because of the temporal, spatial and landscape scales in which AAD operations occur. Thus emissions are not measured or monitored at this stage, and this is not a priority activity for 2006-07.

AAD considers that the Treaty obligations on no significant emissions to air or land are being met.

Goals 2006-07