Environmental performance reporting

Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

Canberra environmental performance


This section of the Sustainability Report details our environmental performance in Canberra, where DEH head office is located. This covers our main site, the John Gorton Building (JGB) and a smaller tenancy in the Edmund Barton Building (EBB), as well as a small amount of data from our warehouse.

Out of 37 environmental performance goals set for our Canberra sites for 2005-06, 24 (65%) were met. See our performance at a glance.

Key aspects of performance in 2005-06 include:

JGB/EBB environmental performance improvement goals for 2006-07 include:

Case study: DEH Canberra environmental management system (EMS)

DEH has had an ISO14001 certified EMS for Canberra since 1999. With over five years of certification, a key challenge is how to revitalise the system, keeping people, processes and system documentation fresh and effective. In 2005-06, a detailed review of our entire EMS was conducted. As a result, major changes have been made that will improve our management of risk, continue to minimise our environmental footprint, and allow us to set a leading example for responsible environmental management in the public sector.


Long-term contractors working within the DEH tenancies are not included in the staff numbers used to normalise statistics in this report. In practice this results in over-reporting of per-person resource usage; however, the department considers it important to report performance conservatively when robust or reliable data may not be available.