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Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

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Hazardous Waste

EN31: Hazardous waste production and transport

Goals 2005-06
Performance 2005-06 and trends

Given the nature of work in parks, there is also an amount of waste which is potentially harmful to land, water and air. These include pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, oils, and sewage. Data on volumes of hazardous wastes collected, stored and disposed of, by waste type, are not available. Parks staff at all sites who deal with chemicals are provided with training in safe chemicals handling. The ‘Parksafe’ OH&S system is available to all staff through the intranet and includes Chemwatch advice on hazardous chemicals.


Composting and solar-powered toilets are used where practicable, and oils are collected for recycling in all parks. Herbicides and other chemicals are used, stored and disposed of in accordance with legislative requirements and best practice standards.

Goals 2006-07