Environmental performance reporting

Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

Parks Australia Environmental Performance


EN21: Annual withdrawals as % of sources

Goals 2005-06
Performance 2005-06 and trends

We believe our operations place only a minor extraction requirement on renewable volumes of available water in the areas in which we operate. Currently, available volumes of surface and ground waters in our parks are not measured. Extraction volumes are also not measured at all sites. In 2006-07, Parks will begin to collect detailed information on water extracted from bores and aquifers.


In some cases, Parks is not the operator of the water extraction system and data would need to be obtained from other organisations. For Christmas and Cocos, water is extracted from the island lens by the commercial operator who provides town water on behalf of DOTARS (who administer the external territories). Parks use is a small component of total island use.

In Kakadu, water is extracted from billabongs and from aquifers. These replenish with the flooding of the wet season and the amount extracted is not measured. Data is not available on water extraction and the sustainable yields at Uluru.

Goals 2006-07