Environmental performance reporting

Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

Parks Australia Environmental Performance


EN6: Location and size of land owned, leased or managed in biodiversity-rich habitats

Goals 2005-06
Performance 2005-06 and trends

Parks Australia’s parks and gardens cover a total of 2 132 282 hectares. This figure has increased by 937 hectares from the 2 131 345 hectares reported in 2004-05 due to the inclusion of Booderee’s Botanic Gardens, and marine park areas in the totals, as well as minor changes with the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) in Canberra.


Of the six Commonwealth national parks, two are listed World Heritage sites (Kakadu and Uluru) for their natural and cultural values. These two parks and Booderee National Park are managed jointly with Traditional Owners. The other three national parks protect unique island ecosystems within Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island (located in the Indian Ocean) and the Norfolk Island Territory.

Management of these parks aims to ensure protection of ecosystems and continuing use by Traditional Owners, while providing for significant numbers of visitors. A key aspect of these parks is the intact habitats they provide for a diverse range of species, including many species listed as threatened at state or national level.

The ANBG in Canberra is the premier national organisation devoted to growing, studying and promoting Australian native plants. A smaller botanic garden is located on Norfolk Island, and an area within Booderee National Park also functions as a botanic garden.

Table 1: Size of Parks reserves
Reserve Area (ha)
Australian National Botanic Gardens 85
Booderee National Park 7254 (including a marine area of 875 ha)
Christmas Island National Park 8719
Kakadu National Park 1 980 400
Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Garden 656 (including Mt Pitt section 460 ha; Phillip Island 190 ha; Norfolk Island Botanic Garden 5.5 ha)
Pulu Keeling National Park 2602 including marine area extending 1.5 km around North Keeling Island
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park 132 566
Total 2 132 282
Goals 2006-07