Nitrogen oxides emissions standards for domestic gas appliances

Background study
Mr Bob Joynt, Environmental Consultant and Mr Stephen Wu, Combustion Engineering Consultant
Environment Australia, February 2000


The authors would like to thank the following companies and persons who have provided valuable information and constructive comments for this study:


AquaMax. Mr. Richard Rees, Chief Executive Officer; Mr. Geoff Nanscawen, National Marketing Manager.

Bowin mfg. Pty. Ltd. Mr. John Joyce, Managing Director; Mr. Cor van Rooy.

Brivis Australia. Mr. Rod Briggs, Operations Manager; Mr. David Christensen, Design Coordinator – Appliances.

Chef – Email Appliances. Mr. Phill Hubbard, Research and Development Manager.

CSIRO Division of Building, Construction and Engineering. Mr. Angelo Vissenti, Ms. Min Cheng.

Energy Efficiency Victoria. Mr. Roger Pierotti.

Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association. Mr. Rod Brutlag.

National Health and Medical Research Council. Ms. Francoise Bouquiaux, Publications Officer.

Lennox Australia. Mr. Bern Connell, Technical Services Manager.

New South Wales Environment Protection Authority. Ms. Anita Shuhevych, Manager – Air Strategies Unit.

Rinnai Australia Pty. Ltd. Mr. Shinji Tanaka, Director of Planning.

SIT Gas Controls. Mr. Grahame Tiplady, Technical Sales Manager.

South Australian Office of Energy Services. Mr. Wally Iwanicki.

Southcorp Water Heaters Australia. Mr. Geoff Whitford,, Product Development Manager; Dr. Alan Law, Senior Design Engineer.

Standards Australia. Ms Lynda O'Meara.

The Australian Gas Association. Mr. Chris Blogg, Manager, Standardisation Policy and Services.

The Australian Gas Light Company. Mr. William Saxby, Senior Environment Officer; Dr. Ibrahim Tas.

Victorian Environment Protection Authority. Dr. Lyn Denison, Mr. Mark Dess.

Victorian Office of Gas Safety. Mr. Ken Gardner, Director; Mr. Colin Bickell, Safety Manager, Gas Use, Mr. Lou Citroen.

Victorian Office of the Regulator General. Mr. Con Karakonstandis, Project Manager, Performance Monitoring.

Western Australian Office of Energy. Mr. Mel Stokes.


Acotech, Belgium. Mr. DeBock Koen, General Manager.

Alzeta Corp., USA. Mr. Andy Minden, Manager Marketing and Sales.

Association Technique de l'Industrie du Gaz en France. Dr. Dominique Plumejeaud, Conseiller Technique Documentation.

Battelle Memorial Institute, USA. Mr. Paul George.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District, USA. Mr. Greg Stone.

British Colombia Gas. Mr. Ed Smith.

British Standards Institute, UK. Mr. Chris Brooks.

Clean Air Technology Centre, Environment Protection Agency, USA. Laureen Burton.

Deutsches Institut fur Normung eV., Germany. Mr. Manfred Opitz.

Gas Appliances Manufacturers Association, USA. Mr. Frank Stanonik, Director of Technical Services.

Gas Research Institute, USA. Mr. Dan Dolenc, Principal Manager, International Relations; Mr.Albert Cain, Environmental Technology and Information Centre.

Gastech NV, The Netherlands. Wim van Heugten.

Gasunie Research, Netherlands. Mr. Rob Aptroot.

IEA Coal Research, UK. Ms Lesley Sloss.

Institution of Gas Engineers, UK. Ms Anita Witten, Librarian.

International Gas Union. Mr. John Meeder, Secretary-General.

National Energy Information Centre, Department of Energy, USA. Ms Karen Freedman, Energy Information Specialist.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy, USA. Mr. Michael McCabe, Director.

South Coast Air Quality Management District, USA. Mr. Mitch Haimov, Ms Susan Nakamura.

Swedish Gas Association. Mr. Goran Engstrom.

Swedish Gas Technology Centre. Mr. Owe Jonsson.

Tokyo Gas, Japan. Tomohiro Morita; Koji Hase.

Worgas, Italy. Enzo Cigarini.

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