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Developing a cane toad biological control (Year 3)

Project and workshop report for the period January 2003 June 2004
Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2004

PDF files

About the project report

The Cane Toad Project has progress well over the current reporting period.

The milestones to be met during the current reporting period were:

2002.1 Continuing maintenance and breeding of cane toads on demand (ongoing)
2002.2 Retest cell culture passaged BIV for attenuation in Litoria infrafrenata (Nov 2003)
2002.3 Retest eif deleted BIV for attenuation in Litoria infrafrenata (Nov 2003)
2002.4 Test attenuated BIV in cane toad tadpoles (Feb 2004)
2002.6 Assess up to 3 other sites in BIV for the ability to carry foreign genes (Nov 2003)
2002.7 Construct recombinant BIV carrying adult and/or tadpoles globin (Dec 2003)
2002.8 Construct plasmids for making a recombinant lacking antibiotic resistance genes (Oct 2003)
2002.9 Construct a recombinant lacking antibiotic resistance genes (Apr 2004)
2002.10 Construct a cassette containing promoters suitable for expression of hairpin RNA (RNAi) (May 2004)
2002.12 Five native frog species screened on current cane toad arrays and species-specific genes identified (July 2003 some elements of the analysis carried over into the current reporting period)
2002.13 Subtracted cDNA cane toad library created and evaluated (Sep 2003 not reported on in previous reporting period)
2002.14 Subtracted library amplified, purified and spotted on micro-array (Jan 2004)
2002.15 Subtracted library hybridized and development targets identified (May 2004)
2002.16 RNAi feasibility experiments conducted (May 2004)

About the workshop report

On 26-27 February 2004 a workshop on 'Biological Control of Cane Toads' was held in Brisbane, sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage under the National Threat Abatement Component of the Natural Heritage Trust.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide information to the Australian scientific community and public interest groups about the current CSIRO biocontrol project and to discuss key issues relating to the impact and control of cane toads (Bufo marinus). Participants reached agreement on a series of options to advance research into the control of cane toads.

An important outcome of the workshop was the agreement that there is a need to control cane toads through a combination of short-term, local, methods as well as long-term, nation-wide methods. Several short-term and long-term options are outlined in this report with the latter generating most discussion among participants. For long-term control, issues relating to disseminating infectious agents versus non-disseminating agents require further discussion and agreement.

The general recommendations arising from the workshop were:

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