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Review of existing Red Fox, Wild Dog, Feral Cat, Feral Rabbit, Feral Pig, and Feral Goat control in Australia. I. Audit

Ben Reddiex, David M. Forsyth, Eve McDonald-Madden, Luke D. Einoder, Peter A. Griffioen, Ryan R. Chick, and Alan J. Robley.
Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2004

Results (continued)

7.3 Threatened species

7.3.1 Knowledge of threatened species

For all targeted pest species, only 32 to 49% of survey participants answered "yes" to the survey question asking whether they knew what EPBC Act listed threatened species, if any, were present in the control area of each operation (Figure 7.23). All survey participants were provided with a list of EPBC Act listed threatened species in their respective State or Territory.

Figure 7.23. Percentage of survey respondents that knew what EPBC Act listed species, if any, were present in the area of control operations. The number of operations that provided a response to the survey question per targeted pest species are shown on the figure.

Figure 7.23. Percentage of survey respondents that knew what EPBC Act listed species, if any, were present in the area of control operations. The number of operations that provided a response to the survey question per targeted pest species are shown on the figure.

7.3.2 Threatened species present

The number of control operations where survey participants recorded individual listed EPBC Act species as being present in the control area varied widely (Table 7.4). For example, of the 50 EPBC Act species identified as being threatened by foxes, one species (Leipoa ocellata) was present in 31 operations, whereas 20 species were not present in any fox control operations.

The percentage of EPBC Act listed species threatened by a pest that had at least one control operation undertaken for a key threatening process pest species varied between pest species (foxes, 60%; wild dogs, 36%; feral cats, 39%; feral rabbits, 20%; feral pigs, 48%; and feral goats, 23%). The percentages were even lower for the herbivorous species when only flora taxonomic groups were considered (feral rabbits 11%, feral pigs 23%, and feral goats 8%).

Table 7.4. Number of control operations for each of the targeted pest animal species, where EPBC Act listed species were recorded by survey participants as being present. Shaded boxes represent a listed species that is threatened by a pest animal species. Status of the listed species; V is Vulnerable, E is endangered, EX is extinct, and CE is critically endangered.
  Scientific name Common name Status Fox Cat Dog Rabbit Pig Goat
Acanthiza iredalei iredalei Slender-billed thornbill V            
Amytornis textilis modestus Thick-billed grasswren (eastern) V   1     1  
Amytornis textilis myall Thick-billed grasswren (Gawler Ranges) V 1          
Amytornis textilis textilis Thick-billed grasswren (western) V 1 1   1   1
Calyptorhynchus lathami halmaturinus Glossy black cockatoo E 1          
Casuarius casuarius johnsonii Southern cassowary E         1  
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae cookii Norfolk Island parrot E            
Dasyornis brachypterus Eastern bristlebird E 2   1   1  
Diomedea exulans Wandering albatross V   1   1    
Geopsittacus (Pezoporus) occidentalis Night parrot E   1     1  
Lathamus discolor Swift parrot E 5 3 4 4 3 3
Leipoa ocellata Malleefowl V 31 6 7 4 3 5
Macronectes giganteus Southern giant-petrel E         1 1
Macronectes halli Northern giant-petrel E            
Neophema chrysogaster Orange-bellied parrot E 1 1   1    
Ninox novaeseelandiae undulata Norfolk Island boobook owl E            
Pardalotus quadragintus Forty-spotted pardalote E            
Pezoporus wallicus flaviventris Western ground parrot E 4          
Pterodroma leucoptera leucoptera Gould's petrel E   1        
Stipiturus malachurus intermedius Southern emu-wren E 2     1    
Thalassarche chrysostoma Grey-headed albatross E   1   1    
Turnix melanogaster Black-breasted button-quail V 2   5   2 1
Maccullochella macquariensis Trout cod E         1 1
Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis Red-finned blue-eye E            
Geocrinia alba White-bellied frog E 1          
Geocrinia vitellina Orange-bellied frog V            
Heleioporus australiacus Giant burrowing frog V 5   1     1
Litoria aurea Green and golden bell frog V 4 1        
Litoria lorica Armoured mistfrog E         1  
Litoria nannotis Waterfall frog E         1  
Litoria nyakalensis Mountain mistfrog E         1  
Litoria rheocola Common mistfrog E         1  
Mixophyes fleayi Fleay's frog E 1   3      
Mixophyes iteratus Southern barred frog E 4   5   1  
Nyctimystes dayi Lace-eyed tree Frog E            
Philoria frosti Baw Baw frog E            
Pseudophryne corroboree Southern corroboree frog E 3 1 2 2 4  
Pseudophryne pengilleyi Northern corroboree frog E 4 1 3 2 6  
Rheobatrachus silus Gastric brooding frog EX     1   1  
Spicospina flammocaerulea Sunset frog E            
Taudactylus acutirostris Sharp-snouted day frog EX            
Taudactylus pleione Kroombit tinker frog V         2  
Taudactylus rheophilus Tinkling frog E         1  
Engaeus martingener Furneaux burrowing crayfish E            
Paralucia spinifera Copper butterfly, purple V            
Bettongia lesueur Burrowing bettong V 2 1   1    
Bettongia tropica Northern bettong E         1  
Burramys parvus Mountain pygmy-possum E 5 2 3 2 4  
Crocidura tenuata var. trichura Christmas Island shrew E            
Dasycercus cristicauda Mulgara V   2 1 2 1  
Dasycercus hillieri Ampurta E   1     1  
Dasyuroides byrnei Kowari V   1     2  
Dasyurus geoffroii Western quoll V 21         1
Dasyurus maculatus gracilis Spotted-tailed quoll or yarri E 44 1 50 5 18 4
Hipposideros semoni Semon's leaf-nosed bat E            
Isoodon auratus Golden bandicoot V            
Lagorchestes fasciatus Banded hare-wallaby V 1 1   1   1
Lagorchestes hirsutus Rufous hare-wallaby E 2 1   1   1
Lasiorhinus krefftii Northern hairy-nosed wombat E     1      
Leporillus conditor Greater stick-nest rat V 1 1        
Macrotis lagotis Greater bilby V 1 1   1   1
Myrmecobius fasciatus Numbat V 11          
Notoryctes caurinus Northern marsupial mole E            
Notoryctes typhlops Southern marsupial mole E   1   1 1  
Onychogalea fraenata Bridled nailtail wallaby E 1 2 1   2 2
Parantechinus apicalis Dibbler E 5          
Perameles bouganville bouganville Western barred bandicoot E 2 1        
Perameles gunnii gunnii Eastern barred bandicoot (TAS) V 8          
Perameles gunnii unnamed sub sp Eastern barred bandicoot E 5 2        
Petaurus gracilis Mahogany glider E         1  
Petrogale lateralis ( West Kimberley) Black-footed rock-wallaby V 1          
Petrogale lateralis (Macdonnell Ranges) Black-footed rock-wallaby V 2   1      
Petrogale penicillata Brush-tailed rock-wallaby V 7       2 3
Petrogale persephone Proserpine rock-wallaby E 1   2   2  
Petrogale xanthopus Yellow-footed rock wallaby V 10 1   5 1 10
Phascogale calura Red-tailed phascogale E 9 1        
Potorous longipes Long-footed potoroo E 2   6      
Potorous tridactylus gilberti Gilbert's potoroo E 2          
Pseudomys fieldi Djoongari V            
Pseudomys fumeus Smoky mouse E 6   4      
Pseudomys oralis Hastings river mouse E     11   1  
Rhinolophus philippinensis Greater large-eared bat E            
Sminthopsis aitkeni Kangaroo Island dunnart E            
Sminthopsis douglasi Julia Creek dunnart E           1
Sminthopsis psammophila Sandhill dunnart E         1  
Zyzomys pedunculatus Central rock-rat E            
Caretta caretta Loggerhead turtle E     2   1 5
Chelonia mydas Green turtle V     3   3 4
Delma impar Striped legless lizard V 2     2    
Dermochelys coriacea Leathery turtle V     2   1 2
Elusor macrurus Mary River tortoise E     1      
Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill turtle V     2   1 2
Eulamprus leuraensis Mountain water skink E            
Eulamprus tympanum marnieae Corangamite water skink E            
Natator depressus Flatback turtle V 1   2   2 3
Pseudemydura umbrina Western swamp tortoise E            
Tympanocryptis pinguicolla Grassland earless dragon E            
Cynanchum elegans White Cynanchum E     5      
Ballantinia antipoda Southern shepherd's purse E            
Borya mirabilis Grampians pincushion-lily E       1    
Brachyscome muelleri   E            
Conostylis micrantha Small flowered conostylis E            
Cullen parvum Small scurf-pea E 1         1
Eriocaulon carsonii Salt pipewort E         1 1
Patersonia spirafolia Spiral-leaved patersonia E            
Thesium australe Austral toad flax V     5   1 1
Burmannnia sp (Melville Island)   E            
Caladenia amoena Charming spider orchid E            
Caladenia bryceana bryceana Dwarf spider orchid E            
Caladenia busselliana Bussell's spider orchid E            
Caladenia caudata Tailed spider orchid V            
Caladenia elegans Elegant spider orchid E            
Caladenia formosa Blood-red spider orchid V            
Caladenia gladiolata Bayonet spider orchid E 2          
Caladenia hastata Melblom's spider orchid E            
Caladenia hoffmanii subsp graniticola   E 1          
Caladenia lowanensis Wimmera spider orchid E            
Caladenia rigida Stiff white spider orchid E 3          
Caladenia robinsonii Frankston spider orchid E            
Caladenia rosella Little pink spider orchid E            
Caladenia tensa Rigid spider orchid E            
Caladenia thysanochila Fringed spider orchid E            
Caladenia vericolor Candy spider orchid V            
Caladenia viridescens Dunsborough spider orchid E            
Caladenia winfieldii   E         2  
Caladenia xanthochila Yellow-Lip spider orchid E            
Drakonorchis drakeoides   E            
Phaius australis Lesser swamp orchid E     1   1  
Phaius tankervilleae Greater swamp orchid E            
Pterostylis basaltica Basalt greenhood E            
Pterostylis despectans Lowly greenhood E           1
Pterostylis gibbosa Illawarra greenhood orchid E            
Pterostylis sp. Halbury Halbury greenhood E            
Pterostylis sp. Northampton Northhampton midget greenhood orchid E            
Thelymitra epipactoides Metallic sun orchid E 1     1    
Thelymitra mackibbinii Brilliant sun orchid E            
Thelymitra manginii Cinnamon sun orchid E            
Acacia araneosa Spidery wattle V            
Acacia cretacea Chalky wattle E            
Acacia insolita subsp. recurva Yornaring wattle E            
Acacia rhamphophylla Kundip wattle E            
Banksia cuneata Matchstick banksia E       1    
Chamelaucium sp. Gingin Gingin wax E            
Darwinia carnea Mongumber bell E            
Daviesia bursarioides Three spring daviesia E            
Eremophila nivea Silky eremophila E            
Eremophila viscida Vanish bush E            
Grevillea althoferorum   E            
Grevillea beadleana Beadle's grevillea E     1      
Grevillea floripendula Drooping grevillea V            
Grevillea iaspicula Wee Jasper grevillea E            
Grevillea maccutcheonii MacCutcheon's grevillea E       2    
Grevillea scapigera Corrigin grevillea E            
Hemiandra gardneri Red snake bush E            
Hemiandra rutilans Sargent's snake bush E            
Prostanthera eurybioides Monarto mint bush E 1     1    
Rulingia sp. Trigwell Bridge Trigwell's rulingia E         2  
Synaphea quartzitica Quartz-loving synaphea E            
Tetratheca deltoidea Granite tetratheca E            
Tetratheca gunnii Shy susan CE            
Verticordia fimbrilepis subsp. fimbrilepis Shy feather flower E            
Verticordia spicata subsp. squamosa Scaley-leaved feather flower E            
Westringia crassifolia Whipstick westringia E            
Eucalyptus rhodantha Rose mallee E            
Ptychosperma bleeseri   E