Biodiversity publications archive

Refugia for biological diversity in arid and semi-arid Australia

Biodiversity Series, Paper No. 4
S.R. Morton, J. Short and R.D. Barker, with an Appendix by G.F. Griffin and G. Pearce
Biodiversity Unit
Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, 1995

4. Foci of biological diversity in Western Australia (continued)

4.16. Hampton


11,670 km².

Primary land-use

Sheep grazing, conservation reserves, crown land.

National Parks and Nature Reserves

Nuytsland Nature Reserve.

Management problems

No information.

ANZECC-listed species

Birds: Malleefowl Leipoa ocellata (V) are recorded (Blakers et al. 1984).

Species that are regionally endemic

The skinks Ctenotus brooksi euclae, Pseudemoia baudini, Lerista arenicola and L. picturata baynesi are endemic to the Region (McKenzie et al. 1987; Cogger 1992).

Relict populations

No information.

Other significant populations

An undescribed subspecies of quandong Santalum acuminatum has been recorded (McKenzie et al. 1987). The rare plant Phlegmatospermum richardsii is recorded (Leigh et al. 1984, p. 177).

Wetland sites

None listed.


None identified.