Biodiversity publications archive

Refugia for biological diversity in arid and semi-arid Australia

Biodiversity Series, Paper No. 4
S.R. Morton, J. Short and R.D. Barker, with an Appendix by G.F. Griffin and G. Pearce
Biodiversity Unit
Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, 1995

6. Foci of biological diversity in the Northern Territory

6.1. Sturt Plateau


99,226 km².

Primary land-use

Cattle grazing, mining, tourism, Aboriginal land.

National Parks and Nature Reserves


Management problems

Land degradation due to over-grazing (Wilcox and Cunningham 1994), and feral donkeys (McCool et al. 1981; Freeland and Choquenot 1990). Fire management is also an issue.

ANZECC-listed species

No information.

Species that are regionally endemic

No information.

Relict populations

No information.

Other significant populations

Woinarski and Fisher (1995a,b) found few notable vertebrate animals in country dominated by lancewood Acacia shirleyi.

Wetland sites

No information.


None identified.