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The effects of artificial sources of water on rangeland biodiversity

Final report
Jill Landsberg, Craig D. James, Stephen R. Morton, Trevor J. Hobbs, Jacqui Stol, Alex Drew and Helen Tongway
CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology
Biodiversity Convention and Strategy Section of the Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia, January 1997
ISBN 0 6422 7010 4

Appendix 3 - Correspondence graphs

Two-dimensional graphical displays of the results from correspondence analysis of species abundance at the six sites along each gradient. Numbers represent site numbers, with 1 being closest to water and 6 most distant. The proximity of sites on the graph is an indication of their similarity. Stars represent individual species. Their positions on the graph reflect their profiles of abundance across the different sites; each species lies in the direction of the sites at which its profile was prominent (i.e. species lie in the same graphical quadrants as the sites at which their profiles were prominent). Only the graphs of taxa from the NT mulga gradient are shown, because patterns were similar for all gradients.


Figure 1: Graph


Figure 2: Graph


Figure 3: Graph


Figure 4: Graph