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National recovery plan for Albatrosses and Giant-petrels

Wildlife Scientific Advice, Natural Heritage Division
Environment Australia, October 2001

Note:This publication has been superseded by the National recovery plan for threatened albatrosses and giant petrels 2011—2016


The Recovery Team

The impetus for this recovery plan began in December 1997 when several albatross species were listed as threatened, highlighting the need to develop a coordinated conservation strategy for albatrosses and giant-petrels.

In March 1998, Chris Boland, a biologist from the Australian National University, was employed by Environment Australia as an independent consultant to develop this recovery plan on behalf of the Recovery Team.

On 24 November 1999 a draft version of this Recovery Plan was released for a three month public comment period. Fifteen public comments were received from a range of conservation organisations, government bodies, fishing industry representatives, veterinarians and concerned individuals. Many of these comments were subsequently assimilated into this final version of the plan. This plan was approved by the Minister for Environment and Heritage on 4 October 2001.

The results of this Recovery Plan will be revised annually by the Recovery Team. An updated version of the Recovery Plan will be created 5 years from the release of this plan. The Recovery Team would like to thank everyone involved in the production of the Recovery Plan.