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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

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Discussion Networks

Increasingly useful are the opportunities for accessing the very latest in good practice in local government NRM via internet-based discussion groups.

The most useful and relevant of these for Councils include:

Bush Remnants Network

Hosted by Environs Australia, this discussion is designed specifically for Local Government needs and aims to draw out new ideas, case studies and strategies that have worked effectively to either protect native vegetation or help restore it, including incentive schemes for private landholders, planning mechanisms, education programs, 'on ground works' and regional partnerships. To subscribe, go to

The Sustainability Network:

Sustainability information exchange - email network for NSW local government. Available to local council personnel in NSW. Members can receive and post messages. Subscribe by sending an email to (do not put any message in the subject box or message box).


Hosted by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, this focuses on private land conservation including financial incentive mechanisms and management agreements. To subscribe, send an email to with the following in the body of the message (leaving the subject line clear): subscribe conplan

Biodiversity Information Manager

A clearing house mechanism run through the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts featuring the latest information and events related to biodiversity. Send a blank email to to subscribe.


The EPBC Unit, a joint project of WWF Australia, Humane Society International and the Tasmanian Conservation Trust, publishes a weekly email bulletin about events related to the Act. To subscribe, simply send a blank email to


This listserv is an email forum dealing with dryland salinity, providing an audience of peers to whom you can throw questions and answers. Email with the following in the body of the message (leaving the subject line clear): saltlist.