Marine Bioregional Planning

The way ahead for Australia's south-west oceans

Marine Bioregional Planning in Commonwealth Waters


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The South-west Marine Region will be one of the first to benefit from the Government's world-leading programme of marine bioregional planning. When complete, this Plan will deliver certainty for industry, protection for this remarkable marine environment and conservation of its biodiversity.

What are Marine Bioregional Plans?

Australia is leading the world in developing plans for effective environmental management of our vast ocean territory.

Through the marine bioregional planning program, the Australian Government will:

Marine Bioregional Plans are being developed across five marine regions – the South-west, North, North-west, East and South-east. The South-east Regional Marine Plan was completed in 2004 and will provide the basis for a Marine Bioregional Plan to be developed under the EPBC Act.

While we know little about our oceans compared to the terrestrial environment, Marine Bioregional Plans will consolidate available knowledge to provide us with the best possible basis for decision-making about the conservation of the marine environment.

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