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Portfolio Marine Group, Environment Australia

Commonwealth of Australia 1997
ISBN 0 642 54560 X

1. Introduction

In line with the Government's commitment under Coasts and Clean Seas, a comprehensive and integrated Oceans Policy for Australia is being developed. An Oceans Policy will provide the strategic framework for the planning, management and ecologically sustainable development of fisheries, shipping, petroleum and gas production and utilisation of seabed resources while ensuring the conservation and protection of our marine environment.

Consultation paper

On 3 March 1997, the Prime Minister released a consultation paper on the development of an Australian Oceans Policy. The paper was developed to assist discussions with governments, peak bodies and organisations and the general public on the broad framework and associated actions that should underlie an Oceans Policy for Australia. Around 4 000 copies of the consultation paper were distributed.

Sixty-three written submissions on the consultation paper were received. These have been analysed in various ways and the information collated will be used in the development of the draft policy.

Questions asked in the consultation paper

Individuals and organisations making submissions were asked to address a number of questions, as well as providing their views on any other matter or issue relevant to their interests in the ocean.

The following questions were asked:

Generic issues raised by the consultation paper

The issues raised in the paper included:

Other issues raised by the submission

Other issues raised in the submissions included:

Community sectors

In analysing the submissions they were grouped into various community sectors. These were:

List of submissions

1 Australian Institute of Company Directors Clare Cooper
2 Tourism Council of Australia Eric Anderson
3 Centre for Marine Science and Technology Curtin University Ass. Prof. John Penrose
4 Maritime Education and Training Services R F Short
5 University of Western Australia Prof. Bernard Moulden
6. Edith Cowan University Jackie Alder
7. University of Western Sydney Dr Paul Smith
8 Trevor Ebert, Marine Scale Fisherman Port Lincoln SA
9 Greenpeace Darren Gladman
10 Shipping Partnership Don Lennard
11 A B Parkin Balgowlah North
12 CRC Reef Research Centre, James Cook University Chris Crossland
13 Australian Maritime Engineering CRC Ltd Board Don Lennard
14 Centre for Maritime Policy, University of Wollongong Sam Bateman
15 Andrew Hunter Como WA
16 School of Aquatic Science and Natural Resources Management, Deakin University Dr Geoff Wescott
17 RecFish John Harrison
18 Murdoch University Student Group  
19 University of New England and Coffs Harbour Shire Council Ass. Prof. Rod Simpson
20 Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corp Barry White
21 Aboriginal Legal Service of WA Greg Benn
22 SARDI Dr Karen Edyvane
23 Prof. Leon Zann  
24 Dr Gail Luten Edith Cowan University
25 Latrobe University Ms C. Meathrel
26 Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Assoc. Peter Cochrane
27 AMCS, Moreton Bay Branch Mike Patchett
28 Bureau Of Meteorology  
29 Kimberley Land Council L M Wright
30 Antarctic Science Advisory Committee  
31 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy Inc Bob Goreing
32 Central Coast Board, Victoria Brad Miles
33 School of Biological Sciences, Murdoch University Sali Bache
34 Chair, SA Marine and Estuarine Strategy Steering Committee Department of the Premier and Cabinet, South Australia Christine Charles
35 Humane Society Michael Kennedy
35 Humane Society Bill Foster
36 TRAFFIC Oceania Glenn Sant
37 University of NSW Michelle Morrison
38 University of Adelaide Nick Harvey
39 Division of Science, Murdoch University Prof Tom Lyons
40 IUCN Graeme Kelleher
41 RAN, Australian Oceanographic Data Centre Ben Searle
42 Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet Tony Roberts
43 Australian Seafood Industry Council (ASIC)  
44 Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW Brendan Hartnett
45 Department of Biology, McGill University Dr. Amanda Vincent
46 Minerals Council of Australia Dick Wells
47 Bird Observers Club of Australia Freya Merrick
48 Victorian Coastal Council John Ginivan
49 Kimberley-Clark Dr Harley Wright
50 Antarctic CRC Garth Paltridge
51 Australian Marine Conservation Society, West Coast Branch David Sutton
52 Torres Strait Regional Authority David Galvin
53 World Wide Fund for Nature Australia Dr Raymond C. Nias
54 ATSIC Gatjil Djerrkuran
55 Pacific Fisheries Consultants Australasia Robert Iversen
56 Conservation Council of Western Australia Inc Rachel Siewert
57 Australian Coral Reef Society Pat Hutchings
58 Northern Land Council Peter Pender
59 Ministry of Premier and Cabinet, Western Australia Steven Wood
60 The Environment Centre NT Inc Jayne Weepers
61 Townsville Region Marine Resources Advisory Committee  
62 The Government of Norfolk Island  
63 The Coastwatchers Association Inc Jenny Edwards

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