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Portfolio Marine Group, Environment Australia

Commonwealth of Australia 1997
ISBN 0 642 54560 X

2. Analysis by question

The Consultation Paper proposes a draft vision for our oceans and a draft goal and the objectives of an Oceans Policy. Do these accord with your views or what alternative vision, goal or objectives would you propose?


All of the twenty-six respondents who answered this question wanted to change the vision in some way and seven of these gave examples of what an alternative vision could be.

Most who wanted to change the vision had a particular interest that they wanted included such as:

Most of these comments above were raised only once, except for the inclusion of Indigenous people's interests which was raised in two submissions. The perceived emphasis on use as opposed to conservation was raised in seven of the submissions.


Twenty submissions commented on the draft goal and similar comments were made about the goal as were made about the vision. The majority again commented that the goal focused too much on economic issues.

Eight submissions suggested alternative goals. All of these suggestions were aimed at promoting efficient, ecologically sustainable use of resources while conserving the biological base.


Again, the seventeen submissions which commented on the objectives raised the same issues as were raised with the vision and goal.

Seven submissions suggested alternative objectives or gave additional dot points to be added to the objectives. Some of the points raised in the suggested objectives, besides the conservation of biological diversity, were:

Responses to specific questions

What Principles Should Underlie an Oceans Policy? For Example, User Pays Principle, the Precautionary Approach

Nineteen submissions answered this question. The majority of these answers mentioned ecologically sustainable management and the precautionary principle. Other principles listed include:

What are the key issues relevant to an oceans policy?

Twenty-two submissions answered this question. Issues that these submissions identified as important included:

What actions should the commonwealth government take in order to address these key issues and achieve your preferred vision? These could include actions taken in partnership with state or territory governments and/or local government or industry or community groups.

Thirteen submissions commented on what actions the Commonwealth Government should take. These comments included:

How can different uses of the oceans be accommodated and managed to minimise conflict - Are there particular examples of tools or best practice in planning management or the use of economic instruments and allocation mechanisms for living or non-renewable resources which should be considered in developing an oceans policy?

The question on accommodation of uses was answered in nine submissions. Comments given are listed below.

What opportunities are there for increasing employment and economic returns in australia through expanding existing marine-related industries or developing new ones?

Ten submissions answered this question and the comments included the following.

What constraints or limitations are there on such expansion and development?

Nine submissions gave answers to this question. Comments included the following:

What mechanisms are there to improve commonwealth, state and territory management of the oceans?

Eight submissions commented on the mechanisms that they thought could improve management of the oceans. Three of these suggested a central agency responsible for the development of Australia's oceans resources, coordination between the Commonwealth Government and the State and Territory Governments with a capacity to delegate powers at the State, Territory and local levels.

Other comments included:

What do you believe are the key approaches to ensuring the conservation of biodiversity and steps that should be taken to ensure the sustainability of the oceans living resources for future generations?

Eight submissions contained comments on this question. These comments included the following:

Do you have any other ideas, suggestions or comments relevant to the oceans policy?

Four submissions gave ideas, suggestions or comments. These were:

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