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Coastal Tourism - A Manual for Sustainable Development

Based on a draft paper prepared by Southern Cross University
Portfolio Marine Group, Environment Australia, 1997
ISBN 0 642 27129 1

Proforma for Feedback

This sheet is to facilitate feedback by users of this manual or interested members of the community. This feedback will help us evaluate its usefulness and provide direction on where to go from this point. Please feel free to step outside the bounds of this form and provide any additional comments.

Forms can be returned by mail or fax to:

Lis van Papenrecht
Marine and Water Division
Department of the Environment and Heritage
GPO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: (06) 274 1548
Fax: (06) 274 1006





Were you sent a copy of this manual, or did you specifically request a copy?

If you requested a copy of this manual, how did you find out about it?

How will/did you use this document? (eg. to design a tourism venture, to evaluate a proposal, to work with other professional areas involved in tourism development, etc)

Was this document useful for your area of expertise or interest?

Please state your area of expertise or interest

Have you recommended to anyone else that they obtain a copy of this manual?

If so, what is their area of expertise or interest?

Did it alert you to issues that you hadn't previously considered?

If so, which issues?

Introduction and Part 1: The coastal zone and sustainable development

Was the section on ecologically sustainable development understandable and convincing?

Did you use the glossary?

Part 2: Stages of development

Is the order of the steps for the Stages of Development appropriate?

Was any of the information provided incomplete or confusing?

Do you feel there are any gaps in the process or checklists?

Were any of the checklists particularly useful, and if so which ones?

Part 3: Case Studies

Any comments on the case studies?

Part 4: Contacts and references

Was the list of contacts useful?

Did you try to obtain any of the references listed?

If so, which references did you try to get and were they useful?

Are there any references you would add to the list?

Were there any topics or subjects that were missing from the reference list?

Format and Presentation

Does the presentation and format of this document make it easy to use?

How could the presentation and format be improved?

Future directions?

Can you suggest any existing or potential publications or projects that would supplement, complement or assist in implementing (by voluntary means) the information in this document?

Can you suggest any other coastal industry groups for whom this style of document would be useful?