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Cover of Landcare - WSSD 2002 fact sheet


WSSD 2002 fact sheet
Environment Australia, August 2002

PDF file

About the fact sheet

Landcare is a community-based approach to improve sustainability of agricultural production systems, address environmental issues and protect the future of our natural resources. Landcare has been one of the most significant developments in natural resource management and conservation in Australia.

Landcare is based on the concept and practice of community members providing their time and energy to identify, plan and implement on-ground works. The Landcare movement is independent from government but governments have supported landcare particularly through grants for projects. Not all landcare groups seek such support.

Funding for support and on-ground works has come from a range of sources, including governments, both federal and State/Territory, industry and the community itself. Over time, the scale of projects undertaken and the funding committed to them has increased considerably. Where government funding is provided, the focus is on public or community benefit.

The development of the landcare movement in rural Australia has resulted in benefits which go well beyond the environmental arena. Landcare has achieved not only a significant change in attitude to the value and management of Australia's natural resources, it has been at the very heart of the social survival of rural communities.

Landcare has provided a vehicle to invest in Australia's social and physical infrastructure to support regional and rural development. It has empowered regional groups and accelerated devolvement of responsibility for sustainable regional and rural development through participatory and representative catchment/regional management committees.

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