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Publications archive - Ecologically Sustainable Development


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Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Response by Environment Australia to the Industry Commission's Inquiry Into Ecologically Sustainable Land Management

Response to Draft Report by Environment Australia
Environment Priorities and Coordination Group
5 November 1997

Overview and Main Points

Environment Australia welcomes the Industry Commission's endorsement of the principles of ecologically sustainable development in its draft report.

The basic thrust of the draft report's recommendations for change are in accord with Government environment policy. The duty of care principle is seen as offering a powerful tool to set and assist achievement of ecologically sustainable land management objectives. The principles relating to markets for natural resources and nature conservation on private land are seen as encouraging removal of perverse incentives as well as adoption of positive incentive measures for conservation.

Generally the report recommendations focus on legislative and regulatory principles and procedures, and market and incentive mechanisms. However, while much of this is valuable, we note that there are no recommendations about government measures to address specific land use problems in locational or physical terms, what actual outcomes should be sought, nor what particular standards should apply.

Following in this response to the draft report are detailed comments on various aspects as well as factual amendments. The report sought further information or views on a number of aspects. Where Environment Australia has views on these questions they are referred to in the body of this submission. However, the major points made in this submission are as follows.

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