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Standardising diesel/biodiesel blends

Discussion paper
Department of the Environment and Heritage, November 2006
ISBN 0 6425 5321 1


About this discussion paper

The Government set a fuel quality standard for neat biodiesel (B100) in September 2003. There is currently no diesel/biodiesel blend fuel quality standard in Australia however most biodiesel is retailed in the form of a blend with diesel. Internationally, biodiesel is used as a transport fuel in its own right (known as B100) or in blends with petroleum diesel. Most common blends used are 5% biodiesel (B5) and 20% biodiesel (B20).

The objective of this discussion paper is to seek comment on management options for standardising diesel/biodiesel blended fuels. The Australian Government aims to set fuel quality standards that allow for optimum vehicle and environmental performance. Informed public debate is necessary to ascertain how quality standards are best managed. This can involve decisions relating to the specifications and testing methods that are set for each parameter within any standard.

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